I’m finally starting my cleaning series! Today I’ll be talking about cleaning your windows and mirrors for almost nothing!

First of all, I’ve started using old newspaper instead of paper towels and am very pleased with the results! If you don’t get a paper ask around, you’ll probably find someone that just throws theirs out after reading it.

Recently I’ve made another change in my window cleaning. I needed more Windex, but instead of buying some, I made some! And it was SOOOO¬† easy! Just combine 1 gallon of water with 1/4 cup of white vinegar…that’s it! I mixed it up in an old milk jug and then filled up a dollar spray bottle. I have to admit I was kinda unsure about how good it would work, but it worked really well! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Windex! Plus it doesn’t have any crazy chemicals in it!

The big 1 gallon of vinegar in the photo was under 2 bucks and using just a quarter of a cup for a whole gallon, this is definitely frugal! I have seen other Windex recipes that use more vinegar, but this works just fine for me.

Happy Cleaning!

3 Responses to “Clean on the Cheap:Windows”

  1. I just tried this on our car windows. It worked great on them too!

  2. We have a local newspaper and I pick up end rolls of blank newspaper from their building. When the rolls get too small for a paper run they give them away. Use this instead of your newspapers and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the ink mess on your woodwork and hands. This paper is also great for coloring, covering craft tables, placemats, etc. My daughter used to lie down on a strip and I would trace around her and she would draw and color herself when she was little. I have found these rolls in every place I’ve lived so odds are there is a place near you too.

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