Okay, so here’s a tour of our 8 by 32 travel trailer we’re living in. We’re living here while my hubby goes to Airframe and Power Plant school. It’s one of the trailers that was made for Katrina victims and was being sold at a great price. We compared the cost of paying for the trailer plus paying lot rent at a trailer park and discovered that it would about equal the same amount as renting a very small apartment for 2 years. But with an apartment you can’t sell it when your done, so that’s why we’re living here!

So I’m going to give you a photo tour of my house and point out small space living tips and frugal tips along the way.

Master Bedroom

  • The biggest change we made here was to move the bed to one side. It was in the center, and one of the long wall cupboards and one of the nightstands was on the other side. It gave us tiny little walkways on each side and we decided it was wasted space. So now we have a bigger walkway on one side.
  • There is storage under the bed, but you have to pick up the mattress and it’s rather hard to do, so we only keep things under there that we don’t use everyday, like suitcases.
  • As you can see we have a curtain thing instead of a door. We usually just keep it open, it makes the house feel bigger.

Our "Office"

  • We got a little TV dinner table for our computer. We just sit on the bed when using the computer.

Living Room

  • The coach pulls out into a bed. And we have lots of things stored under and behind it. Pretty much anywhere we can put stuff we do!
  • You can also see in this picture that we use a lot of wall space. We have shelves and hooks for hanging coats, hats, the laundry hamper, and our moped helmets.


  • Here’s where the cooking happens! And speaking of cooking, I will not miss my tiny oven when we move!
  • I was going to take the dishes and drainer out of the sink for the picture, but figured this was a much more realistic picture of what it usually looks like. I wash my dishes in the right side of the sink and let them drip dry in the drainer which is set in the left side of the sink. I’d rather that than put the drainer on the only counter space I have.
  • If you have a small kitchen, be very selective of what you always keep on the counter. I only keep my utensil holder (nice if you don’t have a lot of drawer space) and pepper grinder out. They’re behind the stove out of the way.
  • Also, do you see my white/cork board? I love that thing and would recommend it to anyone who is forgetful!
  • We use the top of the fridge to keep my glass jars of flour, rice, beans, etc… It’s a nice out of the way space, and I think it gives a kind of country look.
  • We have a small trash can under the sink. The nice thing about a small one is that I never buy trash can liners, I just use grocery bags which fit in perfectly!

  • The shelf to the right Cameron put up. As you can see we have a few books and some flowers up there, but truthfully its pretty much just our catch-all shelf.
  • The biggest change we made here was taking the benches around the table out. They were big and bulky and had really ugly cushions, so we took them out and bought 3 folding chairs. We always have 2 chairs out and one folded up. We just get it out at meal time, then put it back afterwards, or else I start tripping over it.
  • The cupboard across from the fridge was for clothes, but we were able to fit our clothes in the other closet (on other side of fridge) so my hubby took the rod out and we used the rod to hang up the curtain over Gracia’s bed. Then he put shelves in the closet for me to use as a pantry (see next photo).

My Pantry

  • The basic rule here is, the more I use something the closer to the front and center it goes, and the less I use it the farther back and up or down it goes.
  • With this pantry I am able to buy in bulk, but I have to be selective. For example buying several hot sauce bottles, doesn’t take up much space, but buying a giant sack of rice does, so I don’t buy giant sacks of rice.
  • Notice the spice rack on the door, there’s another one on the other door too. Cameron put the tins on the door with Velcro. Isn’t that clever? I’ve seen similar things with a metal sheet and magnets attached to spice bottles.

Gracia's "House"

  • Gracia sleeps on the bottom bunk. (As you’ll see in another picture, we made the top bunk into storage space)
  • I bought the pink letter stickers from the dollar store and the purple curtain from Ross for a really good price.

Gracia in Her Bed

  • We used to keep all her books, toys and stuffed animals in her bed, since she only uses about half of the bed when she sleeps, but it got to be too much, so now it’s just her stuffed animals and babies in there. We’re always changing things if we get a better idea.
Top Bunk
  • This is the top bunk, directly over the opening to Gracia’s bed. The wood paneling you see on the left is leftover from the benches we took out of the kitchen. Cameron used it to separate this storage from the one in the bathroom (see last picture).
  • So here I keep games, toys, etc… I get the toy box down for Gracia when she wants to play.
  • Do you notice the little table on the counter? That’s actually a plant stand my Grandpa made for me. Cameron had the idea of putting it there to give us more shelf space in the bathroom.

Bathroom Storage

  • Okay, so this is the top of the bunk, now storage.  Cameron cut away that hole in the wall so we could easily get to it. He’s gonna put some framing around it. He also made that shelf, which adds a lot of space. (I love being married to a handy man!)
  • I keep toiletries, TP, paper towels, cleaning supplies, make-up, hair stuff, and the first aid kit up here.
  • Notice the basket to the left? I keep hand towels and wash cloths in it, and got if for 99 cents at Goodwill!

That is the end of my tour, maybe another time I’ll show you our yard and storage shed. You might have noticed that I didn’t have a lot of decorations up. I do have some pictures, just haven’t gotten around to hanging them yet. My first priority is what’s practical. And having lots of knick-knacks just isn’t practical here.

If you have any questions or ideas for small space living or frugal living email me at puposelyfrugal@hotmail.com

24 Responses to “Small Space Living: Tour My Little Home”

  1. This is nice, we got to see more of your home than just the early pictures. I showed them to dad this morning. You have done a nice job with it. I’m going to try the sugar cookies sometime in your later post.

  2. I was bored on my lunch break and then I found your blog article. This was so attention grabbing that I was late in coming back to work. Can’t wait to share this with my coworkers!

  3. I like your blog! How you live is very encouraging to see. We too lived ‘small’ when my husband was in school, although not quite the same way, but I know what its like to be restrained.:)

  4. Awesome! We sold half of everything we owned last year to gear up to moving into a 40ft. travel trailer. It didn’t pan out so instead we rented a 800sq ft. apartment. We went from a 2,200 sq ft. house to our tiny apartment. We also have three kids. It’s been fun and challenging and we’ve learned a lot through the process. I like living small.

    • Yeah, I actually like living small too, although when we move out of our travel trailer I think I’ll be ready. =)

  5. We sold everything we owned, rented out our 3000 sq ft house in the Pacific NW, moved into our 38ft fifth wheel, and drove to Texas to find work. I love living in our small space and I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your small space and how you organized it. I am on a constant quest to discover ways of better organizing. I love your blog!

    • Thanks! I love hearing that we’re not the only ones living in a travel trailer! We’re constantly looking for better ways to organize too, so if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them!

  6. Just enjoying your blog — came here from The Frugal Girl. Such great ideas — I am a near-hoarder so this is very inspiring. I have been enjoying reading through your articles. Your house is adorable (and so is that little missy in her cubby “house!”) I appreciate the storage ideas!

  7. I want to live in your trailer, too. It looks so cozy.

  8. WOW! I am truly astonished with your “little space!” And I know how small those camper are too! We have looked at them several time for camping.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. When I was a teenager and young adult we lived in a 31 foot travel trailer. There were my parents, my brother who was about 5, my sister in her high teens and me 20years old. I had the bottom bunk and my sister the top. We also had a curtain on the bunks for our own privacy. Across from the bunks my dad hung a counter top that was desk/sewing/workspace. My mom and dad made a board for the top of the bathtub where my brother slept! LOL! My dad also built us an outdoor covered porch where we set up a second full kitchen. Fun memories! That is where I was when I courted my husband (story is on my blog) :)

  10. Hey there! A few months ago, my husband and I moved from a one bedroom apartment to a smaller two bedroom mobile home…and then added a little one to our family! I’m finding lots of creative storage ideas on Pinterest and blogs etc. I’m very much enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing! One place I noticed where you could add storage is the kitchen above the sink. I don’t know if a shelf would work there or not, but just thought I’d offer the suggestion! :)

  11. Hi, I just read your blog post and it was so timely. We’ve been wanting to move out of our rent house and into a travel trailer for some time now. We are in Texas and because of the oil boom housing prices are outrageous! We have a 3 year old and another on the way and crazy medical bills, plus debt hanging over our heads. We just want a fresh start. We finally found an 8×32 set up similar to yours to rent. We are going to be doing that until we can save up a few thousand dollars to buy one of our own and then hopefully with the money we save we can get out of debt, pay off our medical bills, put some money into savings and decide where to go from there (not sure exactly where we want to be yet in life..we are in our early 20′s). I love this post because we are moving in 4 days and have so much cleaning, packing, decluttering, etc to do and I can’t seem to find posts on organizing a travel trailer to live in. I need to see inspiration. I have had an especially hard time finding organizing tips for living in one with kids. I love the way you set up your daughter’s bunk beds. Ours are set up identically, so we’ll be giving my son his own little “room” on the bottom bunk as well. If you have anymore tips I’d love to hear them. Seriously, there are so many people here living in rv’s because of the oil field and not nearly enough available housing, but I don’t know any of them. I don’t know anyone doing this so I’d love to correspond with someone else with kids and in a similar living situation to know how you organize and find solutions for things! Thanks so much for posting this!

  12. We just sold our 2400 square foot house. We bought 5 acres outright and are now living in a 37 foot travel trailer with three boys!. It’s been a huge adjustment but until my husbands builds our log cabin, we at least have roof over our head.

  13. Wow! Great blog! Hubby and I will be doing the same thing as Angelia, except that we are downsizing WITHOUT kids!! Wooohooo!! All five are grown and out of the house. Now it’s time for US! =D

    We have property in the mountains on which we plan to build a cabin. We have an almost-4000-sf home that we need to sell. I’m slowly selling things off in preparation for moving into our 38′ travel trailer. I’ve had the opportunity to camp in it for the past three summers and I actually look forward to living in it. It is rather cozy. I am ALWAYS thinking of ways to organize and create more space in it and have so many ideas but not the skills to implement my elaborate ideas!

    For example, I want to remove the bunks in the front bedroom and build storage shelving across the back wall and then have another one or two shelves that slide back and forth in front of the wall of shelves. =D The only thing is working around the stuff under the bottom bunk – I think it’s a water pump or something like that. I also want to keep the bench seats at the dinette and build a pull out drawer under each seat instead of removing the cushions and lifting a board. I suppose I’ll have to start a blog when we get to that point. LOL.

    Thanks for the great ideas and for the tour of your tiny home. Congrats on moving into a lil bigger place! God bless y’all in your mission endeavors. May the Lord keep you safe as He directs your steps. Shalom!

  14. OMG-how do you do it w/ 3 boys??? We are pondering on moving from our 2500 sq ft home to a travel trailer so we can move out of state for a variety of reasons, mainly health and economic…We have 2 girls still at home and I am just trying to figure out how to do this. We want to downsize until we save more to buy another home elsewhere. Please do share how you managed the transition-those of you who have done this…

  15. Awesome I am thinking about getting on just like that for my family. Just worried about such small space for my very energetic 5 year old.

  16. Awesome digs! I’m a college student in Texas and I have the EXACT same travel trailer. I’m very curious how hard it is to move the bed to one side and move the cabinets to the other. I know there’s a light above my bed below the top most part, but the sides are just too small to use. Any tips? Will send you some pictures of my home as I progress as well.

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