Awhile back I was talking to my mom on the phone and somehow got on the subject of smelly t-shirts. She suggested that I either soak them in a water/vinegar solution or put some vinegar in the fabric softener spot of my washing machine, since vinegar is a deodorizer. I’ve tried both of those for extra smelly clothes. It’s easy and cheap. Here’s an expert about vinegar in laundry I got from .

“There are so many benefits to be reaped by adding 1 cup white vinegar to your washer’s rinse cycle that it’s surprising that you don’t find it prominently mentioned inside the owner’s manual of every washing machine sold. Here are the main ones:

  • A single cup of vinegar will kill off any bacteria that may be present in your wash load, especially if it includes cloth diapers and the like.
  • A cup of vinegar will keep your clothes coming out of the wash soft and smelling fresh — so you can kiss your fabric-softening liquids and sheets good-bye (unless, of course, you happen to like your clothes smelling of heavy perfumes).
  • A cup of vinegar will brighten small loads of white clothes.
  • Added to the last rinse, a cup of vinegar will keep your clothes lint- and static-free.
  • Adding a cupful of vinegar to the last rinse will set the color of your newly dyed fabrics.”

All sound like good reasons to keep some vinegar close to your washing machine! =)

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  1. What????? I wasn’t enough of an expert? You needed another one? JUST KIDDING! Have you noticed a difference? I realized that I don’t use a whole cup worth, and I have a large capacity washer. I think I need to increase it. Mom

  2. I like to use a vinegar rinse on my hair. The smell dissipates after a few minutes but before it does I like to cuddle with my husband and ask him if he likes my “pickle head.”

  3. I have heard of using vinegar in the washer before, but wasn’t sure if it would make the clothes smell like vinegar when they come out… based on this I am guessing that they do not! :) I will have to try it this weekend.

  4. I don’t use fabric softener sheets mainly because of the chemicals but what does work is vinegar. Use an old but clean washcloth, spray w/ white vinegar and throw in the dryer (if you have one) w/ the clothes, otherwise as stated-put some in where the fabric softener goes in the washer. I thought my clothes would smell like vinegar at first, but no, they smell fresh and clean…

  5. Also, for years I have used vinegar when I have a load of towels I forgot to put in the dryer. They “sour”. Run through the washer again with a cup of vinegar and voila! Smell is gone.

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