The pink, orange and yellow one in the front was my favorite

Gracia got a nice crayon set for her birthday this year. She had crayons before that, but they were all broken and miscellaneous crayons. I didn’t throw the old crayons out though. I saved them to make crayon cookies with, and finally got around to doing it!

  1. Take all the paper off the crayons (if these are old crayons, chances are the kids have already done this!).
  2. Break them into pieces and put in muffin tins. If you have cool shaped muffin tins that would be even better. You can put like colors together or what’s really fun is mixing the colors up. My favorite combination was bright pink, yellow and orange (see photo). I also made a camouflage one with brown, green and black (see photo below).
  3. Turn your oven on very low then put the muffin tins in.
  4. Keep your eye on it and once the crayons are melted take them out and let them cool a little, then put in the freezer (I got the freezer idea from Ten Ten). After being in the freezer they pop out super easy.

You can experiment with these to see how you like them best. My first batch were a little thin, so I made the next batch a little thicker. These are a great frugal gift to put in stockings, or use as party favors. They’re especially good for little toddlers just learning to color, since they’re big and easy to hold, but any kid can use them.

I saw a crayon maker on a commercial, which uses this same idea, so I looked it up online and it cost $30. I made mine at home for practically free, just old crayons and a tiny amount of gas to heat the oven.

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6 Responses to “Crayon Cookies”

  1. This is a great idea! So much cheaper than buying the crayon maker from the store.

  2. Love this! Cute idea. I’ve use old crayons to add color to homemade candles before too.

  3. Wow! This is a GREAT idea! Do you grease the pans at all so the crayons come out easily? I have older muffin pans that are definitely NOT non-stick.

    • I didn’t grease my pans. Putting them in the freezer and letting them get really cooled down before taking them out makes them not stick.

  4. Do you think it would work to have a tray with cookie cutters filled with crayons? I want to have crayons spelling my daughter’s name.

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