It’s so fun to give Christmas gifts to our little kids, isn’t it? Seeing their little eyes light up with excitement as they tear the paper off a gift! But them sometimes they get a little greedy with all the gifts and instead of appreciating the ones they’ve already opened, just want to open more and more and don’t want to wait for others to open their gifts. One year my Mom did are really clever thing with my little brother to help him learn not just getting, but also giving. We took him to the dollar store and told him to pick out a gift for everyone in the family. Since everything was a dollar we didn’t have to worry about him picking out something too expensive. He really enjoyed being able to pick out things by himself and we enjoyed getting the funny things that a 4 year old thought we’d want! I think the funniest thing he picked out was one of those toy jewelry and nail sets for Mom, but she proudly wore her gaudy purple fake nails and plastic necklace and clip on earrings to our family get together Christmas day!

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  1. Actually, it was Dad that came up with the idea of Nathan’s trip to the dollar store and took him to do it.

    • Oops, I thought it was your idea. Dad and I took Nathan to do it, because Lizzy was planning a surprise card-making birthday party for me. :)

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