I keep thinking I’m done with gift wrapping, then realize I’m not. Last night I pulled out Gracia’s Duplos (which by the way we got for only $20 on Amazon), thinking I might have a gift bag big enough for them….nope. So I grabbed the biggest roll of wrapping paper I stilled had left from a year or two ago when I last bought it…but it wasn’t enough to cover it. In desperation I headed to the bathroom where I keep old Thrifty Nickels, and was pleased to see a page of comics! Unfortunately the one page of comics didn’t cover the box either, so I wrapped the back in regular newspaper and the front in the colorful classic comic wrapping paper!

Inspired by this post of making a bow from a magazine page I decided to try dressing up this humble wrapping job with a newspaper bow (although I did mine differently). My first one didn’t turn out very well, but that was okay, because I decided I liked this black and pink page better and made this bow:

To finish it off I picked out a butter fly sticker from Gracia’s craft box and placed it on the center of the bow.

Yes! my second year of not buying any wrapping materials (well…not counting 3 reusable gift boxes I bought on clearance). I do still have a couple dollar store gifts from Gracia to wrap or put in a gift bag, but they’re small so I think I have enougth…but if all else fails I have more newspaper!





4 Responses to “Newspaper Bow? Yup, I Was Desperate”

  1. Nice! Works for me! I think I could go for a few years and still have actual Christmas wrapping paper to use! So silly how it collects up there in the attic.

  2. Cute, Katy!

  3. I think your package is so cute. I love the bow. You don’t think your craft! Bah! You are very crafty. Merry Christmas!

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