Here’s an update on my 12 projects for 2012:

Spinach Artichoke Dip

  1. Make a headband out of an old t-shirt. - I started this yesterday.
  2. Complete my price book! I’ve been procrastinating on this way too long.
  3. Try my hand at regrowing green onions. - I actually did this and it was working great, but then my onions got slimy. I think I wasn’t replacing the water enough. I tossed them out, but plan on buying some more and starting over again!
  4. Make foaming hand soap from regular liquid hand soap.
  5. Make spinach feta quiche. – I’ve made this with feta cheese, and with replacing the feta with cheddar, which I think tasted better and was cheaper!
  6. Make copy cat Olive Garden salad.
  7. Make homemade hummus from homemade tahini.
  8. Try curling my hair with a sock.
  9. Make something from The Frugal Girl’s ebook.
  10. Make homemade play-dough - Tammy from Tammy’s Recipes has it priced (for the cheaper unscented kind) at only 27 cents for 2 cups!
  11. Make homemade pasta.
  12. Make spinach artichoke dip - I made this for us to snack on while we watched the Super Bowl and it was really good! The only things I did different in the recipe was skipping the basil and I replaced the Romano cheese with more Parmesan.

Have you tried any fun projects or new recipes this year?

5 Responses to “12 Projects for 2012 Update”

  1. I love these ideas, Katy. You are making me crave that Olive Garden salad and I’m really interested in seeing that price book!

  2. I make our own foaming hand soap. It is super easy! My mom gave me soap she received for Christmas in 2010 that she couldn’t stand the smell of. I’ve been making the soap since April 2011 and have enough for three more refills.

    Have fun with your projects!

  3. I’m regrowing green onions too, but I have mine in dirt. They are doing great. I put them in water for a couple days, then just stuck them in a pot of dirt. You can hardly tell they’ve been cut now (but they weren’t cut really short to start with). No need to change water or anything, just need to remember to water them every few days.

  4. The foaming soap trick is sooo frugal and will hopefully be a very easy goal to cross off your list!

    And…now I’m craving Olive Garden :)

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