Baking soda….so many uses, so versatile, so cheap, so wonderful! While, I do use many store-bought cleaners, I really like my baking soda cleaner. I’ve started buying the big boxes of it to use not only in baking, but also in cleaning. My favorite things to clean with it are my bathroom and kitchen sink, and occasionally I even use it in my toilet bowl. I used to just grab a spoon and spoon out a little at a time to use, but then I saw on pinterest someone had used an old spice bottle to store their baking powder. Now I have an oregano bottle converted to a baking soda bottle. I have reasons 5 why I like this:

  1. It helps keep my cooking baking soda and cleaning baking soda separate.
  2. It’s less bulky to take a little container into the bathroom to clean than a big box.
  3. I like how I can sprinkle a small amount in my sinks. I think I actually use less this way.
  4. Since it’s easy to use, I feel like I’m less likely to grab my chemically cleaners when scrubbing.
  5. For extra cleaning power and a science experiment for the kids, put a little vinegar on the baking soda when cleaning and watch the bubbles fizz!
  6. UPDATE: I forgot about this until I was cleaning my cutting board, but having the baking soda in the bottle makes it perfect for sprinkling on my cutting board to get strong smells out.

Any of you out there clean with baking soda?

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3 Responses to “Baking Soda Made Simple”

  1. I do! We keep ours in an old cheese shaker; it holds exactly 1 box of baking soda.

  2. I do. I developed asthma when I was eighteen from chemical cleaners I used to clean people’s houses. So now, I pretty much only use baking soda, vinegar, and salt.

  3. I have never used it to clean but I sprinkle it in my diaper pail over dirty cloth diapers to help with odor and it helps in the wash too. I keep it in a parm cheese shaker in the changing table.

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