This week I tossed slimy cilantro, old milk, sour cream and yogurt. I know the 3 dairy things could’ve been used in baking, even after they’re use-by date, but I never got around to it and they just got older and older. It seems like I’ve been tossing a lot of milk lately so I came up with a list of ways to make sure it gets used.

  • Make yogurt.
  • Put it in smoothies.
  • Make chocolate milk (that goes faster around here). :)
  • Put in a creamy soup.
  • Mix it with fruit, yogurt, chocolate, etc… and make popsicles.

If the milk is passed its expiration date, I’ll often still use it. If it’s several days past, I’ll only use it in baking or cooking:

  • Use as a buttermilk substitute by adding a little vinegar. This would be good for cornbread.
  • Bake it into a bread, like banana bread.
  • Make pudding (you can even use the pudding to make pudding pops)
  • Make quiche
  • Make cream of mushroom (or cream of whatever) soup – I want to try this!

If you missed my post yesterday (I got it posted later in the day), I answered some reader questions about living in a travel trailer.


This post is inspired by and shared at The Frugal Girl for Food Waste Friday.


7 Responses to “Food Waste Friday & Ways to Use Up Milk”

  1. My favorite thing to make with slightly-past milk is rice pudding.
    Oh, and pancakes. Pancaaaaaaaakes. I think I’m going to try a German pancake this weekend – hubby could use a little pick-me-up (his thesis is due Monday!).

  2. You can also freeze some of your milk right after you buy it if you find you can’t drink it all in time. Just make sure if you freeze it in glass you leave plenty of head space! A quart will take about two days to thaw in the fridge, then just shake it up really well before you pour and it’s hard to tell the difference.

  3. I’ll keep all of these milk uses in mind. However, we go through a gallon of milk every day or two, so using up milk is not a problem at this point.

  4. I was having cilantro issues too and found a great tip…if you put it in a large glass of water (like a bouquet!) and cover the top with the produce bag (like a hat!) it will keep twice as long in fridge!! Just be sure to change water if it gets nasty and keep taking off any bad bits.Since it’s standing up and I see it, I also tend to remember to use it!! Works for parsley too!

  5. Thanks for checking out our soup recipe! I hope you love it!

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