Save a Lot had a damaged pumpkin on clearance for only 99 cents, so I happily bought it! I cooked it up pretty much the same way as last year, but this time I had a bigger steam basket and was able to steam it, although I did have to do it in 3 batches.

The first batch of pumpkin ready to be steamed!

Pumpkin puree can be used to make muffins, pie, soup, baby food and I’m sure many other things!

I also roasted the seeds, which is not only yummy, but also very healthy, check out how to roast pumpkin seeds.

Looking for a yummy way to spice up your pumpkin seeds? Check out these 5 ideas!

I seasoned mine with Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and garlic powder.

So my 99 cent pumpkin turned into 11 cups of pumpkin puree and almost 1 and a half cups of pumpkin seeds!

99 cents for 11 cups of pumpkin puree and 1 1/2 cups of pumpkin seeds!


4 Responses to “My 99 Cent Pumpkin!”

  1. What a great deal. Pumpkins are definitely one whole food that can be cheaper to buy than the canned version. I paid $1.50 at a farmers market for my pumpkin, then bought another at a store for much more, my mistake in reading the advertised price.

  2. I need to get busy and get my pumpkins done up too. I have a great big one and two smaller sugar pumpkins. Maybe tomorrow. :)

  3. I did pumpkins for the first time this year with a friend of mine who routinely cooks up a couple of pumpkins per year. With pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup, and pumpkin waffles being some favorites in our house, I thought 5 pumpkins would be plenty. Finding them at a flat rate of 1.99 per pumpkin, I got the biggest I could find, and I upped the number to 8 pumpkins, based on the price. 3 days, and lots of food processing later, I got so many 2 cup bags that they wound up costing only 14 cents per bag!

  4. I never read about microwaving a pumpkin, which is how I do mine. So easy and no peeling required. Cut the pumpkin (acorn or butternut squash work this way too) in half, take out seeds and save to roast. Place cut side down on glass dish and microwave ’til done. Just minutes is all it takes. The flesh can then be scooped out of the skin, effortlessly. Good deal on your pumpkin.

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