• If the celery is getting limp, cut the bottom off and put it in a cup of water in your fridge to help liven it back up.
  • Storing celery¬†wrapped¬†in aluminum foil in your fridge also helps it last longer.
  • Cut them up and eat as a crunchy snack.
  • Spread peanut butter on them and top with raisins, craisins, nuts, seeds or chocolate chips for ants on a log.
  • Cut up and put in soups, casseroles, tuna salad, stir-fry, etc…
  • If the celery is getting old, but still edible use it in veggie, chicken or beef broth.
  • Celery leaves are edible too, they’re especially good in broths!

Anymore ideas???


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6 Responses to “What to do with Celery?”

  1. You can use that cut-off base to re-grow your own celery. Get a few of these things going at once, and you may never have to buy celery again. :-)


  2. Cream cheese is good put in the middles. Also dipping them in ranch dressing is good.

  3. I chop my extra celery and freeze it, then just take out what I need for soups. That’s basically the only thing I use celery for, since my husband and kids won’t eat it, and I just barely like it.

    • I cook in 3 different homes: my own, a single client, household of 4 clients (I’m an in-home care-giver). I rarely have celery that goes bad at home because all six of us cook and will use it in salads and hot dishes. However, at the other 2 locations, I am often having to deal with celery going bad. I use many of the ideas listed above but the best use seems to be to dice it up and freeze it for cooking later.

      Once diced up, I put the celery in a gallon freezer bag and lay it flat (on a cookie sheet works too). Once frozen, I shake it around and/or whack it on the counter to break up big chunks. Now, I can add more – in small quantities, I don’t have to lay it flat again, I just add and shake it up among the frozen bits.

      Not only does this save/ extend the use of your celery, it is diced and recipe-ready!

  4. Hi, thanks for more great ideas! I keep an old jar in the cupboard that has holes in the lid. My boys often come running wanting a jar for a spider, beetle or some other bug. They catch them and spend ages looking at them through the glass.

  5. Another use for celery is deviled/stuffed eggs.

    I make deviled eggs about every 10 days because we get lots of eggs from our own chickens and at my clients’ homes, I am always looking for ways to vary diet and get more protein into them.

    I use one of those slap choppers to really dice up the celery (one stock for 3-4 eggs) and then just mix it into the yolk filling. I always get compliments.

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