The last several days have been…shall we say CRAZY?? But things seems to be settling down, at least for now and I’m itching to do more blogging!
Like usual, I’ve been doing some frugal and some not-so-frugal things.
  • Not-so-frugal: Store bought popsicles.
  • Frugal: Wrapping them in a clean rag instead of a paper towel to keep little hands from getting cold and sop up drips.
  • Not-so-frugal: When 2 popsicles broke and spilled their juice the other night, I just tossed them.
  • Frugal: When another one broke, I poured the remainder of the popsicle juice into an old spice jar and put a plastic spoon into it for a popsicle handle. Into the freezer it went for someone to enjoy later.
  • Frugal: Using up questionable milk  in banana muffins.
  • Frugal: Cutting open the free sample toothpaste tube to get a couple more uses out of it.
  • Frugal: Sewing a button onto Cameron’s shorts. Love clothes that come with a spare button!
  • Not-So-Frugal: Cleaning out the freezer and tossing a couple of things.

What frugal or not-so-frugal things have you been up to?

4 Responses to “Frugal & Not-So-Frugal”

  1. A spare bottom? Or button? :) I need to buy my shorts somewhere they come with a spare bottom – a leaner one!

  2. Things have been a little less crazy here from the sounds of it. I have been restoring some found furniture with things I already had on hand, I have an end table, coffee table, a table for outdoors, two chairs completed and another table almost finished. I haven’t spent a penny and will hopefully make a couple dollars. Being busy has kept me home so I haven’t spent any money outside of paying my rent. One week into the month I have accomplished zero spending! Oh and we picked our first strawberries this morning for a delicious snack.

  3. What a fun idea for a blog series! I think I’ll do a similar post on my blog next week!

    Mary, momma to many

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