Earlier this week, right after Little Dude had left for his second overnight visit, we got a call saying that he would be going home…to stay. Part of the team was just going to let him stay there and not come back at all. Thankfully some of the team recommended that he come back with us to say good-bye. So he came back here and we had one last night with him, then this afternoon we went to the lake for a swim (one of his favorite things) and then dropped him off at his house.  I have so many things to say, I don’t know where to start, so I’m just gonna throw a bunch of my random thoughts out there.

  • The whole point of foster care is to be able to reunite kids with their families if it’s at all possible to do that while maintaining their safety, so in Little Dude’s case this goal has been accomplished.
  • He’s super excited to be back. I’m glad that he’s glad.
  • Gracia cried….multiple times…I thought it would be hard for her, but I didn’t realize how hard. He’s been with us for about 2 1/2 months and in a kid’s view that’s a very, very long time.
  • We feel like it was one of the best foster care situations for us to get as our first. Obviously he’s not a perfect kid since there are no perfect kids, but over all he was pretty good and obedient to us. His family treated us kindly and even thanked us, I know that’s not the case a lot of times.
  • I keep having thoughts of guilt, did I tell him about Christ enough? Did I just confuse him more? I know he saw me lose my temper at times. Did I spend enough quality time with him?
  • And I wonder about his future, will he remember us? If he does remember us, will it be good memories? Will we ever get to see him again? Will he miss us and ask about us?

I’m so thankful we got this opportunity to have him in our family. We feel like it has grown us in our parenting, it’s opened my eyes even wider than they’ve ever been before to the impact kids can have. I’ve been able to see an amazing servant-like side of my husband like never before. And I’m thankful for the big smile and exuberant energy that Little Dude brought to our home this summer. We’ll always love you Little Dude!



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