I present you with a recipe that very literally “saves the scraps!” Veggie broth will cost you almost nothing (scraps + water + seasonings + oil) and its a boost of nutrition at the same time!

I like to save veggie scraps in a big zip-top bag in the freezer until I get a chance to make broth. If I’m going to be saving the skins or peels, I often rinse them off first. It’s easier to rinse a whole carrot before peeling it, than to rinse the peels once off the carrot.

Scrap ideas:

  • carrot tops and peels
  • limp celery, celery leaves, and celery bottoms
  • broccoli steams
  • beet tops
  • radish tops
  • cabbage core
  • onion skins (according to Martha Stewart this adds a rich golden color to the broth)
  • garlic skins
  • bell pepper tops and seeds
  • Most any veggie that is getting limp and doesn’t look appetizing to eat, but doesn’t seem bad enough to throw out either.

Broccoli stems are perfect in veggie broth.

Add the vegetable pieces, water, about one tablespoon of oil and seasonings (bay leaf, salt, pepper, etc…) and cook. You can do this in a pot on the stove, in your slow cooker, or a pressure cooker (if using pressure cooker, make sure to not fill more than half full and follow all the guidelines in your manual). Once cooked strain out the broth from the vegetables and discard the vegetables. I like to dump it all through a colander to get the big chunks of veggies out, then put it through a sieve to catch any remaining pieces. The broth freezes wonderfully for future use!


Uses for broth?

  • Soup starter
  • Casseroles
  • Rice – I like to cook up some brown rice with veggies and broth. It makes a healthy side dish that pairs well with chicken.


Look at all that nutritious broth that came from water, scraps and a little oil and seasonings!



Check out jlgoesvegan to see what scraps she uses and how she does it in a pressure cooker, so far this is my most used pressure cooking recipe!

PS-I made a new post at our ministry blog, I Didn’t Come Here to Learn THAT!

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7 Responses to “Save the Scraps: Veggie Broth”

  1. Loved this post. I never thought of storing the peels in the freezer until I had time to make the broth. Will be trying this at the weekend. :-)

    • Love this idea! I never realized all the parts of veggies that you could use for your broth; plus, all the wilted celery, etc. I’m currently keeping a bowl and as I cook dinner, I put the potential “veggie” broth food into the bowl and then add to the freezer bag. I absolutely LOVE this new information for saving money and also less waste of good food. Thanks so much!

  2. OMG this is a fab idea! Will definitely be trying this :)

  3. Save your dried up garlic cloves too. They work beautifully in broths. You may already know this, but when you make broths with bones, add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to draw the calcium from the bones into the broth to make it more healthy.

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