Before about a month ago, I had only made purchases through consignment stores, but after thinking about it for a long time, I finally took some of our unneeded things to a local consignment shop to sell and today I have almost $35 that they owe me! Woo-hoo!

My favorite part is how easy it is. We just take in the stuff, and they sell it. Even though we did have great success at the one garage sale we did before moving, this is way easier, especially since we don’t have as much we want to sell right now.

Speaking of selling….we’ve also had good success with craigs list when selling (and buying) bigger things like cars, washers, dryers, and even a microwave.

But back to the consignment store….the same one we’re selling things at we’ve made plenty of purchases at recently….like our little printer for just $10!

And these snow boots for the kids for $3 per pair.

And literally just in time (it was just starting to snow) I got Gracia an Old Navy coat for $9 from the same store. Her previous coat’s zipper had broken. I’m so thankful we got her this new one right before the big snow. We also picked up a pair of jeans for Little Dude for $6.20.

If you enjoy seeing other people’s second-hand store finds check out these posts:

Have you sold things at consignment stores? What tips do you have for making your consignment sales more successful?


4 Responses to “Consignment Stores – Buy & Sell”

  1. I love consignment and second hand stores. I found a small table made in 1770 for $4 that is now a night stand at my son’s home. A cashmere sweater for $2 and a set of wood blinds for $6. But by far the best money saving deal I found was a lovely dress to wear to my son’s wedding for $12. It was more than I wanted to spend but was perfect and way cheaper than anything new.

  2. My biggest finds at thrift stores lately have been at the bag sales, where you can stuff a paper grocery sack for $5. Lately I have been picking up like new knit items, which my daughter and I upcycle into clothing items for her children. I also just picked up 2 Medela Freetyle Spare Kits NIP at Goodwill for $2.99, which I sold on Ebay for $15.99 each!!!!

  3. My best second-hand purchase was a NWT Talbots dress at Goodwill. I paid $12.00 for the dress with a $110 tag. The pleats were still stitched together at the bottom.

  4. What a great and easy way to make a little money and leave more room in your closets! You’re right about this being much easier than a garage sale. Sometimes life is just too busy so finding ways to save time really helps.

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