These last two weeks have been crazy. Thursday started with a meeting where it was decided Little Dude would move back the next week….that was emotionally draining. Then Friday we woke up and headed out the door at 4:20 in the morning to drive all the way to Texas for a missions conference. Saturday and Sunday were spent hanging out and catching up with so many friends and family, speaking at church and being wowed by how God provides!

We were so thankful to be able to take Little Dude on the trip with us before he moved back.


Taking a break from being cooped up in the car.

We drove back Monday, then Tuesday I spent most the day doing laundry and getting Little Dude’s things packed. Wednesday we took him to be back with his family. I feel like I’ve felt every emotion possible with taking him back:

  • Happy for him.
  • Happy for his family.
  • Sad about the richness he added to our family that we’ll miss.
  • Sad that Gracia’s loosing her brother, friend and playmate.
  • Relieved to not have to worry about meetings, visits, gas sheets, etc…
  • And glad this is happening before we leave in just over a month. As I think about that day in early June when we got the phone call asking us to take a little boy in, I know that only God knew how well the timing would work out.

In some ways it was harder to say good-bye this time. He had only been with us 3 months last time, but now it’s going on 10 months since he first came to stay. I feel like it’s a bigger change, we’ve had that much more time to get to know him and get used to life with 2 kids. It’s easier though in that I remember the first time driving away not knowing if we’d ever see him again, but this time we haven’t just gotten to know him better, but his family too, and we’re already trying to plan when we can get together again, so knowing we’ll see him soon helps immensely.

In conclusion, fostering has been one of the hardest, yet best things our little family has done, and I’m so glad God plopped it into our lap, it’s true, His plans aren’t our plans, cuz I never would’ve planned this!


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