Canning is one of those things that’s always seemed daunting to me, and on top of that I usually prefer to learn by someone showing me hands on how to do it, not just reading about it. All that to say I’ve been saying I want to learn to can for years now.

While we were in New York my amazing cousin gave me a canning lesson! And not sitting me down and telling me how to do it, we actually canned! Using the water bath method, we made canned tomatoes and raspberry jam (with raspberries from her garden no less).





That was the tomatoes, here’s the jam:



Do you can? What are your favorite things to can? I’m trying to decide what to ┬ácan next (on my own this time! Gulp!), so I’m open to tips, recipes and advice!


6 Responses to “I Can!”

  1. Applesauce!

  2. Preserves and jams are all easy. Ditto for pickles. I’ve never canned but Mom did, with one of those big scary pressure cooker things. For pickles find an easy recipe. Pack clean jars with slices or spears and spices. Bring vinegar mixture to a boil. Pour over cucumbers. Keep NEW seals (never use a used seal) in hot water. Remove, wipe top of jar with a clean wet rag and seal, screw the ring on. Done.
    For preserves, Mom put cut fruit in a heavy pan. She poured on sugar until it quit running into the cracks. Cook til thickened and pack into HOT jars with HOT seals. Done.

  3. I’ve canned applesauce which is super easy but when I tried to can peaches I messed it up and ended up with mold in the jars a few months later, it scared me so much I’ve never attempted canning again.

  4. Hi! I’m new to your blog. I have no canning experience yet but our old neighbor is willing to teach me how to can when both our schedule works. Your process seems so easy to make.

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