Reading to the kids

We provided respite for Big Sis and Little Dude this weekend. It’s the 4th time they’ve stayed with us. The first was when they first came into care and the other times were for respite. As I look back to the time they came to us 11 months ago, I see so many changes. I’m so thankful for the couple that they’ve been living with. We agreed to take the kids until a more permanent home could be found, they lived with that family for a while but then were moved again, to their current home. I can tell by spending time with the kids, that they’re taken care of. Big Sis has grown, Little Dude is talking so much better. They just look so healthy. Their foster parents weren’t even planning on taking any kids until after a trip they had planned, but eventually said yes to Big Sis and Little Bro. Then we provided respite when their trip came up.

These kids needed a safe home, a loving home, a consistent home and I can’t express how grateful I am that God provided that for them. Yes, just one couple (or one person for that matter) can make a huge change, they have in these kids’ lives. And as these kids are on a reunification plan, I believe that the influence of these temporary parents will forever affect them.

It’s easy to know there’s a need for foster parents, but when you personally know kids in need of a home, you don’t just know about the need, you feel it. We enjoyed having their foster parents over last night to get to know them, and it just made me all the more happy that those kids are with them.

And on another note….Cameron’s back and he had a GREAT trip! You can read all about it here, and see buckets of pictures here.

The completed water project!


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