Now that Calvin’s adoption is finalized, I’ve been enjoying some of the little changes that come with going from fostered to adopted. :)

I was filling out dental information for him and when it said, “Relationship to Patient” I put something I’d never put for him before…mother…not foster mother, simply one word….mother.

Now when I call my kids, I can say, “Hey PRYOR kids, it’s time to go!” Because we all share that name. :)

We had new prayer cards for our ministry made with a picture that includes all 4 of us.

If we want to take him out of state, we can do that without getting a single person’s permission! Well…and out of country once we get his passport…Africa here we come!!

We can even stay with people without having to ask information for a background check.

If we want to visit with his bio family we can do it when, where and for how long we’d like. We don’t have to go through the caseworker or anyone, it’s all up to us. As far as staying in contact with bio family, that’s another post for another time, but the short answer is yes…we do feel that in our case it is important to stay in touch.

I can tell you that his name is Calvin…like his for real name…not some cheesy “Little Dude” nickname I came up with on the fly for using on the blog and facebook.

Not to mention I can do this:


And this:

And even this:

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  1. Congrats!!!! I’ve been reading your blog for a while, I read about little dude, I’m so happy today to learn that you adopted him! Best wishes to all of you. :D

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