Gracia and I are taking a trip for my uncle’s burial and to visit with family, so I may not post anything for a week or so. Until then….here’s 5 frugal things from Easter week:
  • We had a lovely picnic on Easter! The weather was beautiful and Cameron, Gracia, me and my sis-in-law went to the creek and enjoyed a nice picnic and an egg-hunt for Gracia. The picnic was much more relaxing than a busy restaurant would’ve been and cheaper too!

  • Made some sun tea for the picnic. At least one, if not both of the tea bags were free samples, and of course with sun tea, no electricity was used brewing the tea!

  • One of the things we did to make this day special for Gracia was give her the basket pictured below. I used this pattern to get me started. They yellow yarn was some I already had on hand leftover from another project and the flowers were ones I made a long time ago, but never did anything with them. I simply safety pinned them to the basket, so that they can easily be re-used. I can even slip a bobby pin into one if I want to use it in Gracia’s hair.

  • We didn’t buy any Easter grass, instead we re-used some confetti-type paper, I found some white confetti strips that came in a free sample, and we folded then cut up some textured pieces of paper as well. It all made for varied and colorful Easter grass.
  • This last one doesn’t have anything to do with Easter, but we bought a really nice back-pack from a consignment store for $8. It looks brand new and even has wheels and a pull out handle!

What are some things you did this week to spend a few less bucks?

For our drive down to Texas, I knew we’d be in the car all day, long enough for all 3 meals to be on the road….which could mean a lot of eating out and grabbing snacks at gas stations. That’s always been a weakness for us on road trips, but I determined to fight that temptation and take meals, snacks and drinks. Unfortunately on the drive down we did end up buying the kids some Gatorade and I had underestimated how much water we’d drink, so we bought some bottled water too. But no food was bought on the drive down (we did get some on the drive back though).

So what did I pack?

  • Quiche cups for breakfast. This was basically just eggs, milk, sausage, spinach and seasonings baked in a greased muffin pan. The only problem with these is we had to eat them cold, but other than that they were an easy to eat breakfast full of protein! And if you have a microwave, you could always heat them up before heading out the door.
  • I made a double batch of pizza muffins, much to the delight of the kids. They made a perfect lunch and I plan on making these in the future when we do more traveling. We just skipped the pizza sauce for dipping…I didn’t want to deal with that mess!
  • Wrap makings - Okay, I must confess we didn’t eat these on the road, but all the ingredients came back home with us and made for some quick meals after we got back. Instead of the wraps we just had snacks and more pizza muffins for supper. I packed wraps, lettuce, salami, cheese, and my favorite wrap filling….hummus! Wraps tend to hold together better than sandwiches, making them a nice choice in the car.
  • Snacks: Chips, grapes, apples, veggie sticks with hummus, animal crackers, raisins, almonds, peanut butter popcorn and gum. I know that sounds like a lot of snacks, but we didn’t eat them all in one day, and like I said, I was trying really hard to help us avoid buying overpriced junk food at gas stations.
  • Drinks: Water, juice pouches and homemade ice-coffee.

If we had bought 3 meals on the road, plus all our drinks and snacks on the way it would’ve cost way more, taken more time and been less healthy. Also when we did stop we were able to let the kids play instead of making them sit down in a restaurant, believe me they needed to run around!

What are your favorite foods to take on road trips?

These last two weeks have been crazy. Thursday started with a meeting where it was decided Little Dude would move back the next week….that was emotionally draining. Then Friday we woke up and headed out the door at 4:20 in the morning to drive all the way to Texas for a missions conference. Saturday and Sunday were spent hanging out and catching up with so many friends and family, speaking at church and being wowed by how God provides!

We were so thankful to be able to take Little Dude on the trip with us before he moved back.


Taking a break from being cooped up in the car.

We drove back Monday, then Tuesday I spent most the day doing laundry and getting Little Dude’s things packed. Wednesday we took him to be back with his family. I feel like I’ve felt every emotion possible with taking him back:

  • Happy for him.
  • Happy for his family.
  • Sad about the richness he added to our family that we’ll miss.
  • Sad that Gracia’s loosing her brother, friend and playmate.
  • Relieved to not have to worry about meetings, visits, gas sheets, etc…
  • And glad this is happening before we leave in just over a month. As I think about that day in early June when we got the phone call asking us to take a little boy in, I know that only God knew how well the timing would work out.

In some ways it was harder to say good-bye this time. He had only been with us 3 months last time, but now it’s going on 10 months since he first came to stay. I feel like it’s a bigger change, we’ve had that much more time to get to know him and get used to life with 2 kids. It’s easier though in that I remember the first time driving away not knowing if we’d ever see him again, but this time we haven’t just gotten to know him better, but his family too, and we’re already trying to plan when we can get together again, so knowing we’ll see him soon helps immensely.

In conclusion, fostering has been one of the hardest, yet best things our little family has done, and I’m so glad God plopped it into our lap, it’s true, His plans aren’t our plans, cuz I never would’ve planned this!


I remember when Gracia was still tiny my Mom telling me to enjoy every stage. She said each stage has its challenges and it’s highlights. It’s so true. Getting up at night (challenge) lots of cuddles (highlight). Getting into things (challenge), hearing little hands and knees following me around the house (highlight). Learning to talk and saying things that embarrass me (challenge) saying hilarious things (highlight).

And then there’s those people that seem to think there’s a certain age that is horrible. They may say “the terrible twos” or, “Wait till they start walking and getting into things,” or probably the most common, “Wait till their teenagers!!!” It gets old hearing all the negativity.

But honest to goodness I love this age! Little Dude is now 5, so we have 2 5 year olds in the house. It’s not always easy and I’m guilty of not always being patient, but I really do like this stage of life.

Little Dude, Gracia, Big Sis and Little Bro

What I love:

  • Seeing their faces as they learn. I never realized how rewarding teaching would be. To see them able to do something they couldn’t before is amazing! To see their little lips tightening and the occasional tongue peeking out as they concentrate with all their might on a coloring paper.

  • I love how we can talk to each other, and they have some very funny things to say. Little Dude has accidentally coined the words “fansome” (combination of fancy and handsome) and lunchaurant (restaurant). When we were talking about tornadoes the other day, he kept calling them tomatoes. :)
  • They’re so creative when they play. I love to hear them talk about being super heroes, or Laura and Pa from Little House on the Prairie. I love to see the creativity in their lego houses, even using shoes as something very vital to the house. To give them a box of basically trash and they transform it into a precious treasure box.

One of Little Dude's many creations!

  • I love their excitement. Whether it’s getting to paint, or a new pair of shoes, they get so excited about little things and it can be contagious.
  • I love to see their love. While they do argue with each other at times, other times their kindness melts my heart, sharing candy, helping each other “team fold” a blanket, building separate lego houses then connecting them together.
  • And you know what else? This is a wonderful age for them to learn about their heavenly Father. They love hearing the Bible stories filled with adventure and excitement. Seeing them understanding that God is all-powerful and beyond human strength is so incredibly amazing. And to hear them say that God will always love them no matter what they do. On the days I lose my patience, the days I complain and whine, I need to remember it’s all about them learning about Him.

Other bonuses of age 5 – Potty trained, sleep through the night, don’t need to be bottle or spoon fed, can pick up toys and buckle-up themselves (except when they decide they can’t).

  • The kids were invited to a superhero birthday party and I maybe, just maybe put off getting a gift until right before the party. I thought about mixing up some play dough, but didn’t have enough cream of tartar, then I remembered cloud dough, which I made once before. Get this, it only requires 2 ingredients, 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part conditioner (yes like the kind you put in your hair, I know it’s weird, but it works). We whipped some up last minute and the kids made some cards. So if you ever procrastinate like me, this recipe  is super quick, no cooking or anything.
  • I’ve been listening to lots of music. God’s truth blaring at me in music challenges and encourages me in so many ways, and I’m so grateful for it! Spotifiy is a great way to listen to all kinds of music for free, I use it almost daily.


Pantry in our travel trailer we lived in for 2 years.



  • Shopped my pantry before making my menu and grocery list. I usually do this mentally, but I find that when I actually go look and see what I have then write it down, I realize that I have more than I thought. Speaking of eating from the pantry, have you read Money Saving Mom’s Eat From the Pantry Post?
  • I get the Shutterfly emails about deals and took advantage of 24 address labels for free (just $3.16 for shipping and handling). However I didn’t put our address on them, but tweaked them so I can use them in as a gift idea.

  • I was at Wal-Mart multiple times this week (I know…that’s not frugal to go to the store multiple times a week). But when there I checked the meat department and found some reduced for quick sale meat! Oh how I love those beautiful yellow stickers!


Not so frugal - Drove all the way to town yesterday, then realized I didn’t have my purse with me and had to drive all the way back home and then back to town again….Moral of the story: Loosing your mind can cost you time and money.

What are some things you did this week to spend less money?


I pick a theme every week for school and try to do at least one craft that week centered around it. A couple weeks ago we did cactuses…or cacti..or something, we didn’t cover how make “cactus” plural. :)

I was trying to think of what kind of craft to do, then it hit me how perfect toothpicks would be for cactus needles!

I simply cut out a cactus shape, cut the toothpicks in half, then cut out small pieces of tissue paper. The kids glued it together with the toothpicks being the needles and the tissue paper being the flowers.

I’m all about EASY crafts that don’t require a million craft supplies. If you get stuck for inspiration, like me, you can check out my homeschool craft ideas board.



Sometimes I wonder about this blog. I LOVE blogging. I enjoy the main topic of the blog: frugality. It’s all fun to me. But after reading a post about blogging, it got me thinking about my purpose statement. I have a purpose for being frugal* (hence the inspiration for my blog’s name), but what about my purpose for the blog? Sometimes if my blog views start declining, I feel like I have to make a post for the sake of getting more views. Or I have to pin my posts, link my posts, so on and so forth. But is blogging for the sake of getting views really worth my time?

There’s a million and one blogs about frugality out there and new ones being made constantly. I don’t really have anything original or new to offer. Pretty much everything I share you could find somewhere else on the blogosphere.

I don’t really make any money off the blog. The amount I’ve made on Amazon is so miniscule, it doesn’t even cover the hosting.

Is my purpose to form a reputation for myself? Cuz blogging is an easy way to do that, just post all the good stuff and don’t say anything about everything that goes terribly wrong.

Is my purpose just to have an outlet that I enjoy? I really do love it and hate the idea of stopping it.

So what is my purpose? Well…to bring honor and glory to God. (How’s that for broad and general?). Let me flesh it out more.

I want my blog to:

  • Encourage me in things like frugality and my walk with God, which it does. I find that the accountability I have in such a public place motivates me and typing things out really helps me form my thoughts and think things through (like I’m doing right now in this post).
  • Encourage others in frugality and their walks with God. I want to be able to give others practical ideas of how to spend less money, so it can be used on more important things. I also would love to be an advocate for those in need, whether it be kids who need loving families or people who haven’t had the opportunity tto hear about their Creator.

All that being said, I’m deciding to think more about my own post ideas. and ask myself 3 questions:

  1. Am I posting this to brag on myself or form a reputation for myself?
  2. Am I doing this when more important things need to be done? Gulp…this is a hard  one.
  3. Is this something that can benefit others in their walks with God? I believe that even things like how we spend our money and time is a result of our walks with God. So this doesn’t mean it has to be a devotional type post. God cares about every aspect of our lives.

Well…that really helped me think through some things. Do you blog? What’s your blog’s purpose?

* FYI – This really needs to be updated!



  • Took another box of things to the consignment store. Our last box, plus one thing that was too big for the box, has earned us about $40! I’m sure this one won’t be as much, but I’m still excited to see how much we get. :)
  • I cleaned out my fridge. I feel like this is one of the biggest things that helps me waste less. When I go through the fridge I’m reminded of what still needs to be eaten and often end up freezing some things that I don’t think I’ll finish in time.
  • We bought a new (to us) car! Just $1500 for a Subaru Outback. This may need to be a post in and of itself.
  • About the car, we had to drive a few hours away to get it. That meant supper on the road. I’m always so tempted to just grab some fast food, or even if I do pack a meal, we often still buy some drinks and snacks at gas stations on trips, but I determined not to do that this time! Before heading to the store, I stopped by the consignment store to return a pair of  jeans. I got about $9 in cash back for returning the jeans and I thought it’d be a fun challenge to see if I could buy enough food (in combination with what food I already had at home) to use for our drive that night. Sure enough I was able to spend under $9 and we had wraps, homemade ice-coffee, cereal and raisins for our drive, and the only thing we bought at gas stations was gas! Savings – If we had eaten out and bought some snacks or drinks at a convenience store it could’ve easily totaled $25 and since I only spent $9 out of pocket that’s a savings of $16 (plus it was way healthier).


Homemade ice coffee


  • We keep a box with pieces of scrap paper for writing notes on or for the kids to color on, but they got all used up. So yesterday I cleaned out my card box and found a few envelopes that the flaps were stuck shut and some other miscellaneous pieces of paper to add to the scrap box. This cuts way back on our notebook purchases.

Your turn!! What are a few things you’ve done to spend less this week? I love hearing what you’ve been up to!


I’ve actually been putting off writing a review of this book, not because it’s not good, but the opposite, it’s so good I don’t know what things to say and what to leave out!

Who would I recommend The Safe Child Book* to?

Parents, babysitters, daycare workers, kids ministry workers at churches, teachers, and basically anyone who ever comes in contact with or sees a child….so I guess pretty much everyone.

What are my favorite aspects of The Safe Child Book*?

I love how it teaches you, the adult, how to teach your kids safety. It talks about playing the “what if” game with the kids. They’re way more likely to remember how to respond in situations if they’ve acted it out rather than just been told what to do. It can also be a fun, non-scary way to learn safety. We’ve personally done lots of versions of the “what if” game with the kids, like:

  • Pretending a friend was asking them to jump on the bed and not let any adults know.
  • We acted out if a stranger comes to the house asking to use the phone or wanting them to open the door.
  • We’ve acted out someone (even someone they know) picking them up, saying that I had told them to get a ride with them (which I explained in real life if that were to ever happen I would PERSONALLY let the kids know, not send a message through someone else).
  • We’ve acted out them being tickled and not wanting to be tickled any more and asking the grownup to stop.

The book explains how kids need to not just say “no”, but if it continues they are allowed to say they’ll tell and even push the grown up away if necessary.

Does it really work?

Actually something came up recently with one of the kids, nothing serious, but it helped me see an area I needed to work on with them. The first time it happened they did not handle it the way we had done in the “what if” game, so I reviewed with them. It came up again a second time and when they told me about it, they said they had handled it just like our pretend scenario.

Some Statistics

The book quoted some hard to swallow stats that should motivate us as adults to take action in keeping kids safe:

  • 85-90% of sexual abuse happens with a person known to the child.
  • Approximately one-third of sexual abuse cases involve children six years of age or younger. (All the kids we’ve had in our home, birth and foster have been under 6, so this really stood out to me).
  • Ninety-five  percent of child abusers were themselves abused as children.

In Conclusion

The Safe Child Book* includes information on how to help your child be a difficult target, abusers often look for easy targets. It talks about how we as adults need to always be talking with kids to see  how their days have gone, that might give us clues if something is going on that shouldn’t be. One of the best preventions is teaching our kids to protect themselves and giving them the authority to even tell a grown up “no” and to help them feel comfortable with talking about anything to us without the fear of getting in trouble if they tell on an adult or another child.

Have any of you read this book before? What did (or didn’t) you like about it?


You may also be interested in The Swimsuit Lesson.

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