Reading to the kids

We provided respite for Big Sis and Little Dude this weekend. It’s the 4th time they’ve stayed with us. The first was when they first came into care and the other times were for respite. As I look back to the time they came to us 11 months ago, I see so many changes. I’m so thankful for the couple that they’ve been living with. We agreed to take the kids until a more permanent home could be found, they lived with that family for a while but then were moved again, to their current home. I can tell by spending time with the kids, that they’re taken care of. Big Sis has grown, Little Dude is talking so much better. They just look so healthy. Their foster parents weren’t even planning on taking any kids until after a trip they had planned, but eventually said yes to Big Sis and Little Bro. Then we provided respite when their trip came up.

These kids needed a safe home, a loving home, a consistent home and I can’t express how grateful I am that God provided that for them. Yes, just one couple (or one person for that matter) can make a huge change, they have in these kids’ lives. And as these kids are on a reunification plan, I believe that the influence of these temporary parents will forever affect them.

It’s easy to know there’s a need for foster parents, but when you personally know kids in need of a home, you don’t just know about the need, you feel it. We enjoyed having their foster parents over last night to get to know them, and it just made me all the more happy that those kids are with them.

And on another note….Cameron’s back and he had a GREAT trip! You can read all about it here, and see buckets of pictures here.

The completed water project!



You know how I recently learned how to can? Well I knew the next step would be to can something by myself, but I hadn’t decided what. I was looking at food that had been donated to the training center and noticed cucumbers and these handy-dandy packets of pickling mix! The only other ingredients were water and vinegar which I already had.

So one night I put the kids to bed and started canning. I only did 4 cans of 1/2 pints because I don’t have a very big pot, and most of my 1/2 pint jars were being used. I mostly wanted to do it for the practice. I did get worried though when I saw the big quantity of the recipe on the pickling mix. How in the world was I going to figure out how much to do for just 2 pints?? Thankfully I found this useful site that calculates size conversions for you!

The pickles turned out fine and all 4 of the lids sealed. I just love opening my cupboard to this!

Why did I wait so long to start canning? If you can, when and how did you learn?


  • I was this close (imagine my fingers just 1/2 inch apart) to grabbing a fast food meal this week…actually multiple times this week. But each time I managed to avoid it by the skin of my teeth telling myself it’d be cheaper and healthier to eat at home. One of the times it was actually a deal for a $6 pizza, that I almost ordered, but then I thought about how little nutrition was in it…how eating food we already had would probably be less than $6…and I wouldn’t have to drive to town if I just made lunch myself. The one time we did eat out was on Saturday when Long John Silver’s was offering a free fish and fries to each customer. The kids and I enjoyed our free and very greasy meal. :)

Completely free meal for me and the kiddos that Long John Silvers was offering Saturday!



Since this picture, the kids have gotten a second free ice-cream from a different place. I ended up buying one for myself too. :P


  • I’ve been earning more swagbucks recently. This is for 2 reasons, I have more time on my hands and videos aren’t blocked. During the semesters the training center blocks streaming because of all the bandwidth it uses. Sometimes I just play videos while I do other things on the computer, and sometimes I put the kids to work earning swagbucks for me by letting them watch animal video clips. They love learning about animals and I love getting swagbucks! And like I mentioned last week, about buying Cameron’s birthday present with swagbucks, it got in this week! :)
  • Cameron’s birthday was this week and he’s getting home tomorrow!!! We’re all so excited! We have home-made cards and a home-made banner all ready. We also wrapped all the gifts in bags or paper that we already had on hand.
  • Happy 4th of July! To celebrate, we’ll be having a cookout by the lake with some family and hoping to go watch fireworks after that. Enjoy your day!



An old picture....but I love it :)

Have you signed your kids up for your local library’s summer reading program?

Gracia and Little Dude are loving it so much!

What’s been cool about the reading program so far:

  1. Each kid got to pick out a brand new book to keep when we signed up.
  2. Each kid also got an activity book. They have a few activities they have to do for each section, and then read (or have read to them) 10 books.
  3. For every section they complete, they get a prize. The kids already earned their first prize…free DQ cones! :)
  4. It’s great motivation for the kids. While we did it last year too, this summer it’s even more exciting  because since last summer, Gracia has learned to read. So now, instead of me reading to her, I’m having her read books herself! Of course, she still needs help and it has to be beginner books, but it’s been great motivation and I can’t believe she’s done the first 10 books already!
  5. It helps the kids know what books to pick out. Usually the kids each pick a few books, and I pick some for them too, but this summer, I’ve been trying to help Gracia find ones that are simple enough for her to read herself. She’s having to think through what she gets more, instead of just grabbing things off the shelf.

I know every library is different, so yours may not be doing things exactly like ours is, but it’s a great FREE way to not only keep kids occupied, but keep their brains exercising too! And if you don’t have kids…the library still is an awesome place!

Enjoying their hard-earned cones!

I enjoyed these 2 lists, and thought you might too:



I spent $88.38 today on groceries, this is including food and 2 make-up products and paper plates. I don’t buy paper plates very often, but the kids need some to make a tambourine for the library’s summer reading program.

Here’s the saving strategies I employed:

  • Coupon! Yes I actually used a coupon! We don’t get a newspaper or anything, but my parents do, so when I was visiting in NY I thumbed through it and clipped a few I thought I might use. I used a $2 off coupon to get the mascara. It’s not the brand I usually buy, but with the coupon it was cheaper than my usual brand. The sad part is I had another coupon for any Covergirl product (my usual brand) but I was just 1 day too late…it expired yesterday. :(
  • Price-matching. I price-matched the avocados for 29 cents each!!! Can you believe it? And the strawberries for 99 cents/16 oz. They’re one of Little Dudes favorite fruits.
  • Purchasing larger sizes. As you may know I like to buy my eggs in the big cases, cuz it’s cheaper per egg. I also bought a 2 pack of whole chickens since it was cheaper per pound and I can just freeze them until I’m ready to use them.
  • Generic brand. That’s one of the easiest ways to cut your grocery bill!
  • Sale purchase. I needed peanut butter and was pleasantly surprised that the kind I like was on sale.
  • Buying food that’s almost always cheap. As you can see looking at the picture I didn’t purchase things like steaks and wine, but I did buy things like whole chickens and pasta.

Now for my menu plan…or more like my ideas of meals that I’m sure I won’t stick with exactly:

Breakfasts: Oatmeal, breakfast rice, smoothies, eggs, and toast

Lunches: leftovers, burritos, and tuna sandwiches or tuna lettuce wraps. Lettuce wraps have been sounding very yummy to me lately. :)


And I just might stop by my favorite dent-foods/bulk store on my way to get Cameron. :)


  • The night before Cameron headed for Mexico, we had a spur of the moment date night. His parents watched the kids = free babysitting. :) We went to Subway where Cameron got a $6 footlong and I got 2 flatizzas for $5, cuz I had a coupon (thanks Mom!). We got waters = free again! Then we went and walked around the outlet mall, which always reminds me how out of touch I am with cool people. We didn’t buy anything, just looked at stuff. Then we finished the night off by going to Sonic for slushies.
  • I’m trying to make use of free and cheap ways to have fun with the kids. So far this has involved swimming in the lake, going to parks and enjoying the library.
  • I just ordered Cameron’s b-day gift off of Amazon.I paid it COMPLETELY with credit earned from swagbucks!!!* Woo-hoo! He’s always making fun of me for doing swagbucks, so I like to buy him things with my earnings, then he doesn’t have a right to poke fun at me! HA!
  • You know how I had myself a little canning lesson? Well…last night, after the kids were in bed, I tried canning all by myself and now I have 4 jars of pickles sitting on the counter. I’ll have to update you after we’ve tasted them.
  • I gave Little Dude a hair cut. Oh how I love the savings of cutting male hair at home!


The kids with their new haircuts...and the cones they earned in the summer reading program.



Not-So-Frugal: Speaking of cutting little Dude’s hair, we took Gracia to Wal-Mart this week and got her hair cut. I have tried to do trims on her before, but I have a bad track record with female hair, so I’m sticking with professionals for longer hair.


*Referral link

Canning is one of those things that’s always seemed daunting to me, and on top of that I usually prefer to learn by someone showing me hands on how to do it, not just reading about it. All that to say I’ve been saying I want to learn to can for years now.

While we were in New York my amazing cousin gave me a canning lesson! And not sitting me down and telling me how to do it, we actually canned! Using the water bath method, we made canned tomatoes and raspberry jam (with raspberries from her garden no less).





That was the tomatoes, here’s the jam:



Do you can? What are your favorite things to can? I’m trying to decide what to  can next (on my own this time! Gulp!), so I’m open to tips, recipes and advice!


Things change in life. But one thing doesn’t, and that’s God.

As I’ve recently been reading about Jesus, I’ve been blown away at who He really is. He’s not just the typical Sunday School type Jesus with a purple robe and serious face.


He loved the people most scoffed at.

He loved the broken, ugly, poor, and sinful.

He loved the ones everyone in society agreed should be cast out.

He loved the ones who didn’t deserve His love.


His love is shown in how He, even though He is the God and Creator of the universe, He became a mere dirty human. His love is shown in how He lived on this sin-cursed earth with foolish humans, disease, heat, sickness, and evil. His love is shown in that He WILLINGLY suffered and died a humiliating, criminal death…even though He’s the only one who didn’t deserve that death. His love is shown in that He loves me…..He’s allowed me, of all the people out there, to hear this amazing message. His love is shown in that He’s allowed me to glory and bask in this incredible love and enjoy it….even though I don’t even fully comprehend how far I am from deserving it.


When I feel like I can’t take it anymore, it’s then I realize, of course I can’t, but my totally powerful, unbelievably loving Father can!


I recently decided to give myself some bangs…which I haven’t had since I was a little girl.

Me with bangs...I'm the one in the middle.

They were a little uneven, so I tried to fix them the next day…then I got them too short…so I went to the hair salon to get help. It was the same lady who swooped in and saved the day with my disastrous highlights from the hair school. I told her I really learned my lesson this time about trying to save money on my hair, to which she replied, “That’s what you said last time.” It was a little embarrassing.

She was able to pull more hair forward for my bangs and kinda cover up my mess. And now that it’s been a few weeks, my bangs have gotten longer.

Anyways…when I was in the stage of not sure if I liked them/mad at myself for trying to do it myself, I thought maybe some headbands would help. So I looked through my clothes and decided that my red t-shirt that was getting holes could be re-purposed. I simply cut a strip off the bottom and tied it on my head. So easy and no sewing. I found the t-shirt material really comfortable as often headbands hurt my head.

Later I was scrounging around the mission barrel (a place students and staff donate/take things for free) and found some dark brown stockings. I took them home, cut part of one of the legs off and it works great as a headband. I sometimes even safety-pin a fabric flower to it. I love just pinning the flower on that way if I want to change it up, it’s a breeze! Plus it’s quicker than sewing it on.

Do you have any great ideas for making your own headbands?



I don’t even know where to start, the past month has been crazy with trips, time with both sides of our family, Little Dude moving back in with us again, and as of this morning Cameron headed out to Mexico to help install a water pump in a remote village. So, it’s just me and the kids for a while. I’m hoping to get lots done while he’s away, like getting un-packed, now that Little Dude is with us again, we’ve changed our plans some and will be basing out of Missouri for the time being, so all that packing I did was for nothing….sigh. I’m also hoping to get plenty of school done with the kids, but I’m excited to incorporate the library’s summer reading program into it! And I’m also super-duper pumped about getting back to blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a million and one blog posts in my head, I just need to get them typed and posted, so stay tuned!


The kids getting ready for a tea party with my Mom



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