Have you ever heard of the book The Way They Learn?* Well if you haven’t, it’s a super interesting read. I bring it up to say that when I took the quiz I was strongly random (as opposed to sequential), which I think is why I like doing unplanned random posts so much. :)

Right now I have chicken in the oven similar to this one at Tammy’s Recipes. I want to see how many meals I can get out of one whole chicken. I’m thinking 3-4 meals, but we’ll see. This kind of chicken would be perfect for sandwiches, quesadillas, tortilla soup and parmesan and basil chicken pasta pictured below.

I’ve been continuing to get some swagbucks *each day, I now have more than enough for another $5 gift card from Amazon. I like to save those gift cards for when I see things like toilet paper go on sale at Amazon then put the gift card towards it.

I’m working on a crocheted blanket using up some random pieces of leftover yarn, hoping I have enough to make a decent size afghan. No matter the size, it will be a colorful one! :)

I know I said I’d have more posts inspired by our simple living/practical skills classes, and I do have some more in mind, just haven’t gotten around to posting them (because I’m a random ya know). But if you missed any before here you go:

What random things have you been up to?

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Orphanology – Rather ironically, I had never heard of this book until the girl babysitting for us while we took our adoption classes loaned it to me, and now it’s my very favorite book on taking care of orphans. But it’s not just for those interested in adopting, it’s all about how we as the church of Christ are obligated to step up to the plate and take care of needy children and it gives some practical ways of doing that (and not just by adopting).


Shepherding a Child’s Heart – If I were to recommend one book on parenting this would be it. The whole concept of going to the heart issue has been a goal of mine and Cameron’s with Gracia, and now with Little Dude, it’s been a reminder again of how just outward obedience isn’t enough.


Choosing to SeeI already gave my 2 cents on this book, but I will again. :) Mary Beth Chapman’s (wife to singer Steven Curtis Chapman) openness about her struggles with whether or not she was good enough to adopt really hit home with me and encouraged me.


Too Small to Ignore – Even though I can’t say I agree with everything in this book, the main premise of how important kids are really was a challenge to me, and to hear Wess Stafford’s  own personal story of abuse made it even more real. And did you know he was the president of Compassion International?

What great books have affected your life?

*These are all linked to my Amazon affiliate links, but if you don’t want to buy them see if your local library has them!


I just finished reading a book I’d been wanting to read for a long time and finally I got it through our inter-library loan system! Choosing to SEE* is written by Mary Beth Chapman, wife of singer Steven Curtis Chapman. She tells their whole life story including the tragedy of their daughter’s death. Mary Beth’s openness and honesty were encouraging to me. It was such a great reminder that God can use even the hardest of times to draw us closer to Him.

I have a new appreciation for Steven Curtis Chapman’s songs now that I know the story behind them, and I love how they promote and help in orphan care (check out Show Hope). Did you know Mary Beth has a blog?

Have you read any great reads lately?

* This is my amazon affiliate link, and I receive a portion of the money if you make a purchase through my link. However I was not paid in any other way to make this post. All opinions are my own.



  • I bought 2 packs of toilet paper from Amazon. It was only 47 cents per double roll, and since we bought 2 packs, we were able to get free shipping.
  • I think I’ll turn leftover venison roast into stew for supper tonight.
  • I enjoyed some homemade ice-coffee today! :P
Not So Frugal:
  • If I had taken the time, I could’ve put my swag bucks towards a $5 amazon gift card and used that to knock $5 off the toilet paper price.
  • I cleaned out the fridge over the weekend, and ended up tossing dip, oranges, beans, and probably more that I can’t remember, which reminds me of a post I saw today at Money Saving Mom called “5 Tips to Waste Less in the Kitchen.”
  • I had some late library books and had to pay a late fee. :(
What frugal, or not so frugal things have you been up to lately?
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