…well that’s the plan at least.

At the end of December Cameron and I cleaned out our fridge and sadly had to toss a lot of food. This week I threw out:

  • Part of a loaf of french bread that was moldy. And I should mention I picked off some crust of some other bread that was starting to mold, and just threw out the moldy parts, the rest is still good.
  • Some leftover pizza pasta.
  • And some mushrooms that were a little slimy, but I don’t feel bad about those, as they were donated as already old produce.
  • One slice of cornbread.

That’s all I can remember from this week. Yesterday we had leftovers at lunch. Just having a meal of leftovers is probably the best way to get those leftovers eaten, and I love not having to cook a whole meal! :)

How’d you do for your first week of 2014?





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I was hoping to have less to report this week, but here it goes! I threw out about a gallon of milk (I mentioned last week making muffins with it, but it was just so much milk), a can of sauerkraut (which isn’t really my fault, I got it free and it was about 4 years past its expiration date), a small amount of garbanzo beans and some lettuce. I figure that was about $4 or $5 worth of food. :(

Waste-Not-Want-Not Tip: Put off going grocery shopping. Earlier this week I decided to eat what we had around the house instead of going grocery shopping. It really helped us eat food that might have gotten wasted if I had shoved a bunch of new food into the fridge in front of it.

I have to get this food waste under control. I want to get a handle on it simply because it’s wasteful of our grocery money and not being a good steward, but now I have an extra motivation. Since we’re wanting to go into foreign missions, we’ll more than likely be in a third world country, where we’ll be the rich people. I can’t be tossing old food out when their’s literally people around me starving.

So…I’m going to be linking up at Food Waste Friday again, at least for a while, and each Friday I’ll also share a tip on how to NOT waste food.

At the beginning of this week, I cleaned out my fridge and pantry to begin this waste-less-food journey (wanted to start on a clean slate), and I threw out about 2 grocery bags of food….yes, I’m embarrassed to say the least.

Bake old dairy into muffins.

Waste-Not-Want-Not Tip: When your milk (or yogurt, sour cream or buttermilk) starts to get a little sour smelling (but still okay to drink), bake it into something. I made 2 batches of muffins this week with old milk, although I still have a lot more milk to use! Hopefully I won’t be blogging about it being wasted next week!

Simply Being Mum

Lots to report this week!

Ready to hear what I wasted? Salsa, beans that I apparently didn’t cook long enough, some of them were still hard, potatoes, bacon that was supposed to flavor the hard beans, cilantro, 2 tomatoes and some tangerine slices. And that’s just what’s pictured, I threw some other things out earlier in the week. :(

I did manage to avoid even more waste though. The last 2 weeks we’ve gotten apricots in our bountiful baskets. I tried just slicing them and eating them raw, but they were pretty sour, so I told myself I could make them into jelly, but then I came back to reality and knew that I wasn’t going to get around to learning how to make jelly right now. Instead I gave them to a friend, which is much better than letting them rot in my fridge as I say I’ll make them into jelly.

Happy Friday everybody! :)

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A lot of food was tossed in the trash this week, because I cleaned out my fridge. I didn’t snap a picture of my food waste, but I do have this picture:

I put this container with a label “Leftovers” in the fridge to see if it’ll help us get leftovers eaten up. I really like it so far. If I’m looking for something for lunch I can just pull out the whole tub and pick out whatever leftover looks yummy! It also helps keep the leftovers from getting shoved into the back of the fridge and forgotten!

This post is inspired by and shared at The Frugal Girl for Food Waste Friday.


You probably don’t want to know how much food ended up in the trash this week….but then again, it might make you feel better about your food waste, so maybe you do want to know. Let’s see, I threw out:

  • Half a crock pot of noodles and meat sauce.…yes half a crock pot! I took it to our hotel the night before Cameron’s marathon for his carbo-load, but we only ate half of it, then I never put it back in our cooler, so I had to toss it.
  • Some taco meat. SOMEONE left it out on the counter all night.
  • Salad dressing. SOMEONE (okay this time the someone was me) left it out all night.
  • A bowl of cream of wheat that never got eaten.
  • One power puck that got wet in the cooler on our trip.
  • 1/2 a pear.
  • A little milk.

And that’s all of I can think of, but there probably was a little more…and even if there wasn’t, I still did pretty bad, especially since 2 of those things had meat in them, which is the most expensive part of a meal. I guess it’s time to stop looking at the past and move ahead! Bring on a new week of (hopefully) little to no food waste!

How’d you do this week? Any food waste at your house?

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This week I tossed slimy cilantro, old milk, sour cream and yogurt. I know the 3 dairy things could’ve been used in baking, even after they’re use-by date, but I never got around to it and they just got older and older. It seems like I’ve been tossing a lot of milk lately so I came up with a list of ways to make sure it gets used.

  • Make yogurt.
  • Put it in smoothies.
  • Make chocolate milk (that goes faster around here). :)
  • Put in a creamy soup.
  • Mix it with fruit, yogurt, chocolate, etc… and make popsicles.

If the milk is passed its expiration date, I’ll often still use it. If it’s several days past, I’ll only use it in baking or cooking:

  • Use as a buttermilk substitute by adding a little vinegar. This would be good for cornbread.
  • Bake it into a bread, like banana bread.
  • Make pudding (you can even use the pudding to make pudding pops)
  • Make quiche
  • Make cream of mushroom (or cream of whatever) soup – I want to try this!

If you missed my post yesterday (I got it posted later in the day), I answered some reader questions about living in a travel trailer.


This post is inspired by and shared at The Frugal Girl for Food Waste Friday.


I didn’t blog about it last week, but I did waste a lot of food. :( But the good news is, since Monday the only food I’ve tossed was a little bit of scrambled eggs and some cheese from Cameron’s lunch box!! :) Hoping for another good week, this week. I have some yogurt I think I might bake into banana bread, and some milk I need to hurry and use.

In other news, I’m finally on pinterest....and to be honest…I’m loving it! :) It’s got me wanting to crochet an owl purse for Gracia, save and re-purpose every glass jar I see, and do all kinds of fun kid stuff! So if you want to follow me there you can. I actually have only pinned one of my own posts so far, there’s just so much other  cool stuff to pin!

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I threw out the last bit of mayo in the jar, it was smelling kinda weird and some slimy cilantro, and a little bit of oatmeal, but what I’m really sad about is a gallon jug of milk about 3/4 full. I might have frozen it, but I already have a gallon of milk in the freezer that I’m planning on using for rice pudding (hope it turns out, this is only the second time I’ve frozen milk). I guess I just need to buy less milk in the future.

Also, I’m not working today, so I just might get another post up later today. UPDATE: Here’s my post, 4 Things To Do With Coupons You Won’t Use.

This post is inspired and shared at The Frugal Girl for Food Waste Friday.



Banana bread made to use up milk.

Food waste for this week and a very rough estimate of how much that food cost:

  • Very smelly beans – Beans are so cheap and I only threw out about a cup worth, so maybe 5 cents.
  • 1 bowl of oatmeal- Don’t forget to put the water in your oatmeal before putting it in the microwave….you just might end up with burnt oatmeal that makes your whole house smell. :( Anyways…oatmeal is cheap too, so maybe 5 more cents there.
  • Spinach artichoke dip that I thought was all gone, but wasn’t. It was a very small amount so I’ll say 10 cents.
  • 1/2 a banana – I usually freeze bananas, but half of this one was super mushy and I wasn’t making banana bread at the time (although I did later in the week), so I tossed it and saved the good half. 10 cents
  • Miracle whip – I accidentally bought this months ago, thinking I had grabbed mayo. I tried using it some in dips and things but I just don’t really care for miracle whip, and it’s just been sitting in my fridge forever, so I’m tossed it this week.  $3

Total of: $3.30 That doesn’t seem like a lot, but if I think of it in terms of what I could buy with that….like chocolate covered raisins…or a loaf of really good bread…or enough dry beans to last us a few months…

In brighter news I made some banana bread and replaced the yogurt for milk that needed to get used up. I wasn’t sure how it would come out with all the yogurt being replaced with milk, but thankfully it came out just fine!
This post is inspired by and linked at The Frugal Girl for Food Waste Friday.


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