I’ve been kinda dreading this post, cuz I just love so many awesome blogs! I have several that I check on a regular basis and others that I just go to when I have more time and happen to think of it. And I’m always discovering new blogs, so this list is definitely not comprehensive and it will probably change a million times, but for now here’s some of my favorites!

Frugal Blogs


  • Owlhaven - Not only do I love Mary Ostyn’s blog, but I love her book Family Feasts for $75 a Week.*
  • One Thankful MomGreat blog with honest truth!
  • An Inviting HomeI recently stumbled across this blog and am so glad I did! This family adopted a sibling group of 3 from FOSTER CARE!!! (now you see why I’m drawn to it). They also have 2 bio kids, so she’s a busy woman! I’ve read her post One Year Later multiple times and plan on reading it again! :)


And of course, there’s plenty more that I read, but this should at least get you started if you’re looking for some good reads! :)

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This post from Rage Against the Minivan got me doing some deep thinking and wondering. I don’t mean this to sound preachy, it’s things that I have found very convicting of myself.

What if instead of writing an article about toddler breastfeeding Time Magazine wrote about the 20-25,000 kids that age out of the foster care system each year? Kids that will NEVER have parents to give them a card on their birthday, to go to for advice, to walk them down the aisle, to spend Christmas with, to be the grandparents to their children?

What if instead of people being too critical of what kinds of foods we feed kids, we worry about the kids that don’t have any food at all? The 16,000 kids that will die TODAY of hunger.

What if instead of freaking out at the parents that raise their child a little differently than we do, we worried about the kids that have been physically and sexually abused and are too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone?

What if instead of worrying about all our little problems we worry about the 2,500 people groups that don’t have a Bible in a language they understand or knowledge of our loving Saviour?

What if today, instead of fretting over my little problems, I pray for all these people and ask God how I need to be a part of reaching them?



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