It’s been a really long time since I’ve shared a picture of free samples I’ve received, but I still get them!

Check it out:

  • 3 different K-Cups. Even though we don’t own a Keruig, we can still use these by punching a hole in them and dumping the grounds into our coffee can to use just like regular coffee.
  • A free trash bag.
  • A pack of 9 disinfecting wipes….I don’t know why it’s 9 wipes, that’s such an odd number, it seems like they should round it up to 10…all well. What can I say, it was FREE!
  • 3 coupons which I won’t be using, because they’re for Home Depot, and I almost never go there.
  • A small bag of coffee.
  • Shampoo and conditioner

What freebies have you gotten lately? And speaking of freebies, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for my Tightwad Gazette book!!



Reader question:

Are you concerned with putting out personal information, to get free things. Many of my friends do enter all the contests and free giveaways, but I hate giving all my personal info, such as email, phone number and address in order to receive something in the mail.


Great question!  After all it’s not worth getting a small sample for free if someone gets into your private accounts or steals your identity.

So to begin here’s the information that these freebies usually ask for in order to receive them:

  • Name
  • Birthday (occasionally)
  • Address (to ship the free sample to)
  • Email address – You probably will start getting some emails, so if you can have a junk email address and use that for the freebies instead of your regular email address, it can really help.
  • Male/female (occasionally)
  • Questions regarding the product (occasionally). This could be questions about what brand you use, where you buy the products etc…
  • Phone # - I have only received a call once after signing up for a freebie.
  • Facebook/tweets/texting - If you don’t have facebook you’ll miss out on a lot of freebies. I don’t tweet (I’m not a bird….well I kinda am because my maiden name is Crane, but I don’t really think cranes “tweet”)….anyways because I don’t have a twitter account, I occasionally miss out on freebies and I have never texted for a freebie either.


  • Use your brain, if they’re asking for your credit card number, bank account, social security number or anything else suspicious then just skip the freebie.
  • Look for freebies from trustworthy sites (like Money Saving Mom).
  • Use fake information. Some people may feel like this is a gray area and lying, but if you’re okay with it you can simply use a made-up name or something. The only thing you can’t really fake is your mailing address or you’ll never get the samples!
  • Like I mentioned above, have a junk email address.

I just found where someone asked Money Saving Mom the exact same question! Go here to see her answer.

Question from a facebook follower:

DO you ever get free things and if so where or how do you get it? We are on a fixed income and never have enough to make it through out the month, no entertainment, Skippy meals etc…


Free Food

I like to sign up for free samples in the mail, often these are food items. Over the probably 2 years that I’ve been doing this I’ve received chocolate milk, tea, coffee, coffee creamer, baby formula, protein shake mix, soyjoy bar, granola bars, little boxes of cereal, cream of wheat, dried cranberries, vitamins, pectin for freezer jam, and I’m sure some other things that I can’t think of at the moment. This is an easy way to get some free samples and usually coupons too, but it’s probably not going to make a big dent in your grocery bill. Some people like to save their free samples for car trips or gifts. If you coupon a lot then I recommend this even more, since most freebies come with a coupon.

Fuzzy, the cat we used to have, eating a free can of cat food.

Free Toiletry Items

I probably get more toiletry samples than food samples. Mostly I get shampoo and conditioner. Often they come in little packets that I can get to last at least 2 washings, if not more. Occasionally they’ll come in bigger bottles that last even longer. If you’re not picky about the kind of shampoo you use, this is a great way to get some free! Because of the size I like to save them for trips.

A recent freebie I got was a coupon for a free bottle of shaving cream and $8 off coupon for the razor and blades. Since the razor set was $8.97, I only paid 97 cents.

Other toiletry freebies I’ve gotten are face wash, body soap, lotion, baby wipes, diapers, and laundry detergent. Like the food freebies, it probably won’t help you save hundreds of dollars, but it can help in small ways.


Free Gift Cards and other Things

There are different websites you can use to earn points and win things. The only one I have experience with is swagbucks. You can read more about my experience with it here. I’ve used it for gifts, toothpaste and amazon gift cards.

Free Entertainment/Eating Out

She mentioned that they don’t do any entertainment, which I think is very noteworthy since entertainment is a good area to cut out of the budget if needed. There are plenty of free ways to have fun! However if you watch deal-sites you can sometimes find ways to eat out or get entertained for cheaper or even free. I know RedBox does occasional free rentals, some restaurants give you something free on your birthday and things like that.

All of that to say, if you don’t currently have a site you follow for freebies/coupons/deals, I follow Money Saving Mom and check out Free Samples.

Check out my post Giving Freebies as Gifts without Being Tacky.

NOTE: Another reader asked me about the safety of giving out personal information to get freebies, which I’ll answer in another post.

One great way to save money when sending packages is to use FREE packaging! For example, in the picture, the big box was one we ordered something from Amazon in. I kept the box and was able to re-use it.

The smaller package I got from a freebie! Yet another advantage of signing up for freebies! You get the actual free sample, often a coupon and then sometimes packaging that can be re-used!

I probably only buy packaging about half the time, because I often have a box or bubble wrap envelope lying around somewhere. Just remember to use a sharpie and thoroughly mark out any old addresses or stamps. Sometimes I just write the address on a white sheet of paper and use clear masking tape and cover any old addresses.

  • 2 samples of Purex detergent plus coupons
  • Baby food and formula coupons (going to leave these at the store)
  • Garnier shampoo
  • Coffee sample
  • Oatmeal squares sample…I’ll give this to Gracia for breakfast tomorrow. :)

  • Craisins sample, plus a coupon for some more free Craisins, which I picked up yesterday!!
  • More formula coupons
  • Gud lotion and coupon – it smells amazing!
  • A magazine I got a free subscription for.

Have you gotten any freebies lately?



I don’t have my Groceries and Menu post ready, because I’m going to the store today, so instead of having no post, I decided to look through my pictures and put together a random post.

I got a free soap sample in the mail.

I had wanted to print off a sugar in the raw coupon, but was having trouble printing it, so I left a comment asking for them to mail me one…and they mailed me 3 and 6 sample packets! I know only 2 are pictured, that’s because we already used the other four. :)

The flowers were free too! Gracia and I went on a little walk over the weekend and picked them, then put them in a jelly jar.


I bought some finger paint. It didn’t cost much and I feel like it was a great purchase! Gracia and the boys I baby-sit have really been enjoying it!

Gracia having a tea party…it’s funny what things she includes in her tea parties…broccoli, an onion, a bald “Barbie” head, and toy baby powder…very strange.

A few months ago we got a new bathtub, our old one was cracked and leaking. Gracia has not only enjoyed the new tub, but also the box it came in! We decorated it and now she plays in it outside.

Is it Friday already? This week has flown by for me!

I don’t have any pictures of my food waste…but believe me I threw out a lot! I tried eating up most of our food before our trip over Christmas, but didn’t quite get it all eaten and ended up throwing out a lot of produce, some salsa, mashed potatoes and yogurt. :(

On a brighter note I had fun checking our mail after being gone and finding all these fun freebies in the mailbox!


And don’t forget to enter my giveaway for The Money Saving Mom’s Budget!!

This post is shared at The Frugal Girl’s Food Waste Friday.

If you’ve followed my blog very long, you know I love to sign up for freebies in the mail! If you get freebies too, here’s some ideas for how to tastefully give them as gifts this Christmas.

Toiletry bag

A lot of the free samples I get are small shampoos and conditioners, perfect to make a little toiletry bag, especially for those traveling during the holidays.

A nice little gift made from 100% freebies!

Just fill a bag (I’ve gotten 2 free make-up bags that would be perfect) with any samples like, shampoo, conditioner, soap, perfume, chap-stick, tooth paste, mouthwash, lotion, ect…

Drink Mug

Fill a cute mug with any beverage samples. I’ve gotten teas, coffee (both instant and regular), emergen-c, 5 hour energy and even creamer!

Fill out a Gift Basket

It might be hard to make a full gift basket with just freebies, but they can certainly  help fill one out. For example, you could fill a basket (look at Goodwill for cheap baskets) with home-made cookies and hot chocolate, then add free coffee and tea samples too.

Baby Gift Basket

You could make a gift basket for new parents with free diapers, wipes, formula and baby magazines. If any of your samples come with coupons throw those in the gift too!

Snack Pack

This is a great idea for people traveling, especially with little kids. Get a paper bag and decorate it, then fill it with any free goodies you have. I’ve gotten free granola bars, mini boxes of cereal, gum and 5 hour energy (that one might not be good for the kids in the back seat though)!

Laundry Gift

I’ve gotten free laundry detergent, dryer sheets and scent boosters. These would be great for a college student. It’d be easier hauling a small pack of laundry soap to the laundromat than a whole jug of it. If they need quarters for doing their laundry, save up some quarters to add to the gift too.

Stocking Stuffers

Since stocking stuffers are usually small, free samples are the perfect size! Pretty much any free sample can be used as a stocking stuffer: recipe booklets for the cook, windshield wipes for the guy, diapers for the baby, little boxes of cereal for the toddler, make-up samples for the teen girl and even dog and cat food for the pets!

Shoe Box Gifts

Free samples can also be used in shoe box gifts like Operation Christmas Child. One year our church did shoe box gifts for women. Perfume samples and tea would have been perfect things to add to something like that.


Most of the samples I get I keep for myself, and I try not to sign up for samples I know I won’t use (like wrinkle cream, hopefully I won’t need that for another 20 years!). But if you do end up with something you wont use, you may be able to donate it, especially if it’s a big size. I received a can of baby formula I knew I wouldn’t use, someone on Money Saving Mom suggested I donate it, so I took it to the local pregnancy crisis center and they happily took it. I was glad that it didn’t go to waste, and I was able to help out a cause I believe in! This idea has nothing to do with Christmas, but thought I’d share it anyways.

College Survival Kit

My last idea I thought of while I was looking over all the samples I have. Since college students generally don’t have a lot of money they’ll usually take whatever they can get, and a lot of samples are great for them, like car windshield wipes, laundry soap like I mentioned above, drinks for when they’re staying up late doing homework (especially emergen-c, if they’re living in a dorm during flu season) and any toiletry items.

Happy gift giving!

Here’s my latest freebies!

  • 3 Kleenexes
  • 2 princess vitamin gummies – Gracia was very excited as eating her vitamin gummies is the highlight of her day!
  • Chocolate sun warrior raw protein blend – I mixed this up in a smoothie the other day for breakfast and it was pretty good!
  • Unstoppables laundry smell good stuff
  • Enfamil baby formula – Not sure why I signed up for this, as my “baby” is 3 years old and I’m a big fan of breastfeeding anyways, but I was able to donate it to the pregnancy crisis center so it wasn’t wasted.
  • Baby Magazine
  • Target beauty bag which included a make-up bag, coupons, 3 shampoo and conditioner samples, 5 make-up remover towels, and face cream
  • Olay refining mask and complexion renewing lotion
  • Some post-it notes that I forgot to include in the picture

I mentioned in my post about getting ready for Christmas, that freebies like these can be used as gifts. I’m working on a post about how to give freebies without it seeming tacky, but I won’t post it until closer to Christmas, but I did want to mention that some of these freebies would be great things to add to a shoe box gift this Christmas! Here’s a really encouraging post I read at Passionate Homemaking about a shoe box gift.

If you’re interested in signing up for your own freebies, I try to share any I find on my facebook page.

Here’s some more freebies. Seems like I’ve been getting a lot lately. =)

I love freebies!

  • 2 Huggies diapers
  • 2 Dove conditioner samples
  • Some pectin. I’m excited about this because I’ve never made any kind of jelly or jam before, so I think I’ll try a simple recipe, probably a freezer variety because I’ve never canned before.
  • A coupon for a free can of cat food…Fuzzy’s excited!
  • A Kashi granola bar, not pictured because we already ate it. :P
  • A small sample of cereal, which Gracia already ate too.
  • Sweet pea and violet lotion, which smells great! I haven’t decided if I’ll keep it for myself or use it as a gift. It’s the perfect size for a stocking stuffer at Christmas!
  • Men’s body wash
  • Suave dry shampoo
  • And 3 $1 Suave coupons that came with the samples

And as a side note, on my facebook page I try to share freebie links I find, so you can “like” my page to get  in on these goodies!

I also got some almost free juice! I saw on A Thrifty Mom you could get free lemonade and orange juice from Walgreens by using a Walgreen’s coupon plus these printable ones. When I gave the guy the coupons though he was only able to use one of the Walgreen’s ones. Maybe only one per customer, I  don’t know. But for only 71 cents I got two small bottles of juice! For a minute I felt like a mini-extreme couponer! :)

My Favorite Skirt

And on another note, see the skirt I’m wearing in this photo? A while back I was given a bunch of clothes to look through to see if I could find any that I wanted. They were in really good shape and mostly name brand clothes! One of the things I picked out was that skirt, only it was a skort. Skorts can’t make up their mind if they should be a skirt or shorts. And the shorts part kinda bunched up and made the skirt not lay as flat…so I figured it was free and I had nothing to lose, so I took a pair of scissors to that skort and helped it make up its mind on what it should be! I cut off the short part and now it’s a full fledged skirt! I didn’t even have to do any sewing, the cutting just took me a minute! And  now it’s my most worn skirt!

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