Mother’s Day…I have to admit, as I sit here thinking about it, I have very mixed feelings.

On the one hand:

  • I think about our baby we miscarried 3 years ago this month.
  • I think about how I thought we’d have more kids in our home by now.
  • I think about this past year temporarily mothering 3 kids.
  • I think about those 3 kids today…and their moms.
  • I think about the many women who long to be mothers.
  • I think about the mothers who have lost a child.
  • I think about the daughters and sons who have lost a mother.
  • I think about the daughters and sons who have a mother…but their relationship is severely strained.

But on the other hand:

  • I think about the daughter I do have. Who is alive and healthy and beautiful.
  • I think about the time I got to take care of those 3 kids and how it taught me a different meaning to family.
  • I think about how I grew up always knowing my mom loved me.
  • I think about how I’m going to see her again in just a couple of weeks.
  • I think of God, who loves the orphan and widow, who is Father to the fatherless (Ps.68:5).





See Gracia's face? That's how I felt at the end of my first Mother's day!



It was a Sunday…of course, since Mother’s Day is always on Sunday, and I was in the bathroom getting ready for church, while almost one year old Gracia splashed in the bathtub. I noticed in the reflection of the mirror she was holding something and putting it up to her mouth, I turned around to see my daughter had not only pooped in the tub, but was about to eat it!!! I freaked out…Cameron actually stayed pretty calm.

Things went quite well for the rest of the day…until the evening came. Cameron had left for a little bit and I nursed Gracia. I remember as I burped her, being so pleased with how much food she had eaten at supper and then nursed a bunch too! Right as these thoughts were in my mind she threw up all over me and her! I guess she ate a little too much!

I rushed her to the bath (I think it was her 3rd bath of the day at this point). As soon as she was clean I decided I needed to get a clean shirt on myself…her diaper could wait while I put a new shirt on, right? So I set her down on the floor…diaperless…you probably know what’s going to happen next…she decided it was a perfect time to pee!

Once we both were cleaned up…again…Cameron came home to a crying wife.

“What’s the matter???”

I bawled, “I don’t want to tell you, because you’ll laugh!!”

Well, I did end up telling him…and he did laugh, and after a while my wailing turned into laughter too.

When I told my mom the saga she said, “Well at least all the rest of your Mother’s Days will seem good compared to your first!”

First of all, I want to say, that there are more than 5 things, but for today I decided to limit it to 5. I also want to say that I didn’t really think of these things as frugal at the time, they just seemed like normal everyday activities.

  1. Homemade birthday cakes – I never once had a store-bought birthday cake as a kid! Mom always let us pick out any birthday meal and cake we wanted and she’d make it. I usually chose pizza and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. :P
  2. Cooking from scratch – We didn’t eat very many prepared foods. My Mom did cookies, pancakes, soups, pizza, and many other things from scratch.
  3. Hanging laundry out to dry – My Mom did use a dryer sometimes, but she also hung out plenty of clothes on the clothes line!
  4. Reusing ziplocs – Unless they were really old and gross, or had raw meat, they were washed and re-used!
  5. Reading books – One of my favorite memories is us kids sitting on my parent’s bed as Mom read chapter books aloud to us. Even when we could all read ourselves, we still loved it! Plus it was a super cheap way to entertain us kids!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!!

My Mom with Gracia 4 years ago, her first grandbaby!

I don’t want people to think I’m “cheap” when it comes to giving gifts to others, but I am a firm believer in thoughtfulness more than the size of the price tag. Sometimes we get so convinced that price equals how much you care about the person (just listen to jewelry commercials!). But I don’t agree with that. I’ve been given expensive gifts that I felt like were given to me just because the giver was “supposed” to give me something. And I’ve received frugal gifts that I could tell the person put time and thought into and they meant a lot to me.

So here’s some free or very inexpensive, but thoughtful ideas for your Mom this Mother’s Day:

  • Make a really nice home-made card (don’t forget to put a really nice long note in it!)
  • Make a book-mark with her favorite verse, poem or saying on it
  • Frame a picture of you and her
  • Make a special meal for her
  • Make one of her favorite goodies
  • Give her a seed packet (of her favorite kind of flower)
  • If you’re good at drawing or painting make some art of one of her favorite things (ie: favorite flower, scene, bird etc…)
  • Make her a cross word puzzle or word search that uses words that describe her
  • If you like writing, write a poem or write a story of your favorite memory of her.
  • Cut a tea pot or tea cup shape out of paper and put 2 tea bags on it. Write “Tea for 2″ and have a tea time with your mom (or make an iced-tea, flavored coffee or chia tea mix)
  • Send her lots of free e-cards and on each one tell her something different that you appreciate about her
  • Pick some wildflowers or if you have a flower bed, cut some for her
  • Give her a big hug and a kiss and tell her you love her!
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