A couple of months ago we went to a picnic, there was food, a bounce house, face painting, build-a-bears and plenty of games! Kids and teens were everywhere. While on the outside it seemed like a great picnic, going deeper it was the most heart-wrenching picnic I’ve ever been to…the purpose was for people interested in adoption to meet kids waiting for forever families.

While the kids (Gracia, Little Dude, Big Sis and Little Bro were all with us at the time) had a great time with the games and all the fun, I couldn’t help but think of the future of the kids going around in matching t-shirts indicating they were the ones available for adoption. There were some that looked like they were in their late teens. Some had been in foster care for years, and all had some kind of loss in their life.

Just today I was looking at kids all over the United States at Adopt US Kids, and then I started looking at the ones in Missouri, and to my surprise (although I don’t know why it surprised me), I recognized  a few of them from the picnic. Whether or not we realize it, there are kids in our very own towns that desperately need someone to show them consistent and faithful love and ultimately point them to the only One who can truly love them perfectly.

“…plead the cause of the poor and needy.” Proverbs 31:9b

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