I occasionally make fruity smoothies, but most of the time I do some variation of this one. It’s sooo yummy and helps with my ice cream cravings. Ice cream is probably my all-time favorite food, but I know that this is healthier and just about as good. I like to make it thick so it’s almost the consistency of soft serve ice cream. I don’t have exact ingredients, if you like it more peanut buttery, add more peanut butter. If you like it thicker add more frozen bananas, thinner, add more milk. I’ve done it with out the chocolate powder and chocolate chips. I’ve even thrown in raw spinach and leftover oatmeal.

  • Frozen bananas-This is one of many great ways to use up those browning bananas!
  • Milk
  • Peanut butter – I’ve done it both with natural peanut butter with no added sugar and with the regular peanut butter.
  • Cocoa powder – This is optional.
  • Chocolate or carob chips – Also optional.

Mix it the ingredients (except for the chocolate  chips) in your blender, then top with the chips and enjoy!!!



Recently I saw Ten Dollar Dinners* at the library and thought I’d check it out.  I loved the pictures and layout of it! My favorite feature was the little tips scattered throughout the book (see photo below).

The one recipe that grabbed my attention the most was a smoothie with beans in it….and no, I’m not referring to vanilla beans, but black beans, so I tried throwing some unseasoned black beans into a smoothie and sure enough it still tasted good, plus added protein and fiber!

While I’m not planning on purchasing the book, as I’m trying to scale down on possessions, and so many recipes can be found online nowadays, it definitely was a fun book to check out from the library, and if you like cooking, particularly without breaking the bank, it could be a good resource. So go to your library and see if they have it, and if they don’t you can always ask about getting it through inter-library loan!

*Amazon affiliate link.

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